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What is MatsyaVeda and what is its significance?

MatsyaVeda Herbals has roots in Ayurveda (ancient form of medicine) since 1890. The name is inspired from “MATSYA” and “AYURVEDA”. Matsya is an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu in the form of a fish, who rescued the first man from a catastrophic flood that destroyed all life on earth. Likewise, MatsyaVeda aspires to help people recover from their ailments using natural Ayurvedic remedies.

Our products & medicines are concocted from only pure natural herbs, freshly sourced from the pristine surroundings of the Himalayas and other lush forests and deep valleys in the country. No steroids and chemical or artificial substitutes of any kind are used in our formulations, making our medicines 100% safe and authentic.

What are the different types of Ayurvedic products that MatsyaVeda offers?

We prepare both Herbal supplements and medicines. We have supplements such as DB-Care for diabetes, Mobi-Joint for joint pain, Digestion-Pro for acidity, constipation, gas and indigestion, Lean-Up for weight loss and detox, and Infanto-Care for baby teething issues such as gas, stomach disorders, etc.

We have medicines for Infertility, leukorrhea, various disorders of the female menstrual cycle, increasing breast milk of feeding mothers, Ointment for Brown Spots and freckles, Thyroid, Piles, Heart blockages, cancer, alzheimer etc.  

Our products are completely natural with no artificial additives or stimulants.  We also follow natural processes of preparation as opposed to using machines to expedite the process. For example we sun-dry some our medicines to make sure that it does not lose its efficacy in the artificial drying process. The more the exposure in the sun, the more its potency and the more it’s beneficial for the many ailments and disorders.

Why our supplements and medicines expensive ?

At MatsyaVeda we firmly believe that if the medicines are prepared with genuine ingredients and correct processes, the efficacy of medicines increases many folds. But this comes at a cost.

For example we use fresh and organic herbs instead of any artificial substitutes or chemicals. Fresh and Organic herbs are more expensive than artificial substitutes, but the medicine efficacy increases much more.

Another example is we process the ingredients in a natural way to prepare medicines which takes longer time and more effort. For some medicine the ingredients have to be mixed and dried.  We sun dry our ingredients in a clean environment, which takes more time and labour. Mobi-Joint is prepared after 3 months of meticulous processing of herbs. We do not save time and cost by simply drying the ingredients in electric heater to expedite the process since it reduces the efficacy of the medicine.

Thus using natural ingredients and processes makes our medicines and supplements expensive.

What are the MatsyaVeda medicines and supplements made of?

The composition of these Ayurvedic medicines is based on pure natural herbs that are gathered all fresh from the natural surroundings of the Himalayas and the deep forests across the country. Some of the herbs are extremely rare and are not always available, hence, at times we wait to gather such herbs. These herbs are hand picked and are carefully processed to retain the natural goodness. Our medicines reflect the ancient Indian formulas in Ayurveda and hence, are totally safe to consume, even by infants. Our Ayurvedic formulation is not just benefiting Indians, but all mankind across the world.

What is the process of making MatsyaVeda medicines and what goes into it?

Our medicines are prepared with utmost care and only as per the Ayurvedic ancient text. There is no artificial substitute added to the products making it 100% safe and genuine. We process the formulations naturally, for example some of the natural medicines are dried under the sun that helps retain the natural goodness of the products and boost the efficacy of the Ayurvedic medicine as opposed to using an electric heater to expedite the process to manufacture more quantity in less cost. Our herbal medicines are naturally pure and genuine that poses no threats or causes any side-effects to the people who consume it. The dosage and composition are clearly mentioned for transparency raising no doubts over the quality and the formulation of our herbal products.

Which diseases and ailments are cured by MatsyaVeda?

MatsyaVeda prepares advanced form of natural medication that aims to cure chronic and life-threatening conditions. MatsyaVeda has been preparing herbal medications and products since 1890 and has proven its efficacy in treating conditions like gastric problems, respiratory disorders, nervous disorders, osteo-arthritis, rheumatism, spine injuries, sexual disorders, brain dysfunctions, sleep disorders, diabetes, joint pains, heart ailments, cancer, alzheimer and more.

What is DB-Care and how does it help?

If you are suffering from Diabetes, DB care is the answer for you. It contains natural herbs in specific proportions that are known to treat Type I and Type II Diabetes by balancing the sugar levels and energy levels naturally. One pack contains 60 veg capsules that are 100% safe and free from side-effects.

What is Mobi-Joint and how does it help?

Joint pain is a common concern these days affecting young adults and the elderly alike. Having Mobi-Joint regularly will ensure that you get relief from pain and stiffness in the joints naturally. Not just that, it also provides relief from Arthritis and Gout. Furthermore, it is known to repair and lubricate any joints, tissues, bones or muscles. It also helps diminish inflammation, improves joint movement and controls degeneration of the joint. Mobi-Joint is prepared after 3 months of meticulous processing of herbs.

What is Digestion-Pro and how does it benefit?

Digestion Pro is a pack of 60 veg capsules that aims to improve the digestive system and the conditions related to it such as acidity, gas, constipation, IBS and indigestion. It also provides relief from headache, stomach pain and mouth ulcers caused due to indigestion issues. It is effective in both chronic conditions and even intermittent indigestion problems.

What is Lean-Up and how beneficial is it?

Obesity is one of the common concerns these days alongside diabetes and joint pain. In fact, gas, constipation, indigestion or thyroid are some of the major contributors to unusual weight gain. On the other hand, sudden weight gain can lead to conditions like diabetes or joint pain concerns. This is when Lean-Up comes into picture and does a great job in detoxifying the body, controlling the metabolic rate and making sure body is able to convert food into nutrients. With regular consumption and as per dosage, it helps lose weight effectively and burns any added fatty tissues. It washes away any toxins from the body, giving impetus to the digestive process that facilitates proper digestion.

What is Infanto-Care and how does it benefit kids?

Infants need the most tender care and Infanto-Care is just what you need for the innocent ones. The most difficult part for babies is when they are in discomfort, but cannot express their pain. Baby teething is one such time when the little ones are in pain and are restless, but cannot express. This is the period when they go through different symptoms like diarrhea, gas, colic, dysentery, stomach pain, loss of hunger, constipation, weaning, and much more. These symptoms can also arise due to weather changes or improper diet.This is when you need the Infanto-Care that helps in the overall development of the baby by assisting the tender digestive system of the baby to be able to digest the milk and other supplements without causing gas, constipation, diarrhea, etc.

What is difference between Natural and Organic Food?

To most of the consumers around the world, the terms natural and organic food implies quite the same thing. However, if you look into the matter more closely, natural and organic have some stark differences. Organic food products are grown and harvested only by using natural fertilizers. Organic food harvest abides by stringent standards of production handling and processing of the food. No chemicals or artificial means are used for growing organic food. However, there are no stringent standards for harvesting natural food.

Although organic foods are grown using minimal or no synthetics, they maintain the health and taste of the food. Due to its stringent standards of production, organic food is priced much higher than its natural counterpart.

Which is more effective – Homeopathy OR Ayurveda?

Homeopathy and Ayurveda both offer holistic treatment and they both use natural cure. However, these two are quite different from each other in terms of procedure of treatment, medications, and remedies. While Ayurveda believes in preventing a disease even before it occurs, Homeopathy works on the basis of vitalist philosophy. Ayurvedic medicines quite compliment the allopathic medicines. But Homeopathic medicines completely differ from Allopath or Ayurveda.  

In Ayurveda, it is believed that the human body can only stay healthy with the perfect balance of three components, namely bile, phlegm, and the wind. This ancient treatment procedure uses natural herbs and minerals to cure a disease. Ayurveda believes in using holistic treatment for overall health. Homeopathic on the other hand believes that a disease already exists in the body and focuses on symptoms. Homeopathic medicines are generally made from natural substances like flower, plants, roots etc. It also uses chemicals like nitric and sulphuric acid.

Healthy diet without exercise can be harmful?

A healthy diet without exercise can be harmful? It is often said that health is wealth. Good health is of prime importance for everyone to stay fit and fabulous. Natural foods that are devoid of any preservatives and toxins should make up the major portion of our diet. Eating healthy is definitely not rocket science. All we need is the positive focus in choosing our everyday food.

However, to stay fit there is something more that our body requires – regular workouts. Yes, a healthy diet complemented by regular workouts makes up for the fittest and disease free healthy body. A body can only stay healthy when you burn out the calories regularly. That is when the body is able to absorb the nutrients completely. Without exercise body is not able to absorb all the nutrients in the food, thus at times leading to ailments. 

Are heavy metals good or bad for the body?

In Ayurveda, heavy metals are used for creating bhasma. Bhasma should be created using the correct procedure on the metals and it can bring in some great results in treating diseases. Metals like gold, silver, mercury, zinc, copper etc are used for creating bhasma. Bhasma or ashes are purified using different chemicals to turn into what is known as Amrita or the nectar that cures and rejuvenates life. The process of making bhasma is very critical and should be performed using the stringent method because when the heavy metals are not processed using the correct method they can turn harmful for the body. Toxicity varies for one body to another and thus each body will react to the level of toxicity or heavy metals differently. Thus the Ayurveda medicinal doses are administered after observing the toxicity of the patient’s body.

Is it possible to follow all guidelines of Ayurveda in today’s era? Does Ayurveda fits in today’s culture?

The jet set speed of today’s life has made us resort to things that are readily available and easy to use. Allopathy has taken up the major part of treatment and healing of our body and thus a quick pill is what we find convenient in our fast life. Most of the time, Allopathy does not come with strict restrictions regarding diet or lifestyle, while you are getting treated. But a handful of pills can only treat your skin deep. It just acts as a mask giving you instant relief from the pain and uneasiness. It does not eradicate the disease from within.

That is why Ayurveda is still the best form of holistic treatment even in today’s era. Yes, it does take some time to relieve you from the disease with minor changes in lifestyle and diet. But it cures you completely and from within in a wholesome way. Ayurveda deals with the root cause of any disease and thus give you a better chance of having a healthy and fulfilling life.  

Should we eat locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables for better immunity and health?

Nothing can beat the choice of eating fresh food every day. So when we are picking vegetables and fruits for our daily consumption it becomes essential for us to choose the ones that are absolutely fresh and healthy. A lot of people are selecting the local produces as it confirms health and freshness of the products. Organic and naturally harvested fruits and vegetables retain freshness and all the essential nutrients. As it has been seen, that local honey is much better than packaged ones that may contain preservatives. Local honey can fight seasonal allergies. Seasonal fruits and vegetables contain those essential nutrients that help you to keep healthy in each season. For example, freshly produced oranges in winter are the best source of Vitamin C that fights cold. 

If we are consuming fruits and vegetables from other countries, their nutrition value has been diminished because the vegetables and fruits had to kept in cold storage and transported over for many days. Also preservatives might be used to increase the shelf life.

Are agriculture sector and farmers important for our health?

Farmers happen to be the primary resource for agriculture. Without them, it is not possible to make any produce in agriculture. The relation between agriculture and farmer is indispensable. Thus it becomes important for the agricultural sector to help farmer stabilize financially and help in healthier cultivation and harvest. In order to have a healthier and natural harvest, we would need to have a strong and stable infrastructure to help farmers and the agriculture.

The absence of proper infrastructure and financially stability instigates the farmers to use cheap fertilizers and chemicals that diminish the nutritional value of the products. This, in turn, harms us. Healthy farming requires organic and natural fertilizers which can only be possible with the eradication of various fundamental issues. The improvement in health and nutrition begins with strong and healthy agriculture which is overlooked most of the times.

Does water, air and soil pollution affect the efficiency of Ayurvedic medicines?

Yes, it does to quite an extent. The herbs that are used in making Ayurvedic medicines have to be grown in the most natural way away from any contamination or pollution. If the herbs are grown in a polluted environment then it will have negative effects on the medicines. That is why herbs that are grown in clean water, air and favorable soil can only be used for making the Ayurvedic medicines.

Are processed and packaged foods healthy?

No. Processed food is never healthy and lacks in retaining the essential nutrients of the food. It is because of the fact that processed or packaged food goes thru various processes before it gets packaged and labeled. Processed food has become the obvious choice of the buyers because it is hassle free and comes with longer shelf life. However, processed food can never compete with freshly made food in terms of food value, nutrition, and health.  Just imagine how cooked vegetables gets stale within a day itself, but packaged food stays on shelf for even upto 1 year. Thus the preservatives added are strong enough to make the food edible even after a year. Would such strong preservatives healthy for our body? Definitely not !

Are Herbal and Ayurvedic medicines different?

Yes, Ayurveda and herbal treatments are quite different from each other. While both these treatment procedure resort to natural medicines and therapies, but they are philosophically and methodically different. As the name says, herbal medicines are prepared only using various herbs to obtain medicine in order to cure and certain symptom of the body. Herbal medicines are completely natural and have no side effects. Some herbal products can be used for life long, such as herbal tea. Whereas, Ayurveda is an ancient treatment process that not only uses herbs but oils, metals, bhasmas, Rasayana, massages, Panchakarma etc for the treatment. Ayurveda is more of a holistic approach.

Should farmers require govt license for growing Fruits and Vegetables?

While pharmacies require a license to manufacture medicines, farmers should also hold a govt. license. The primary reason a farmer should require a license to ensure that no hazardous chemicals or fertilizers are used in the process of growing fruits and vegetables, just like pharmacies are barred from using harmful ingredients in the medicines, for instance, steroids. Some may argue that farmers are not so financially strong to use the best of chemicals, however, growth and supply of quality fruits and vegetables is equally important. Hence, it’s on our govt. to financially support the farmers and offer enough resources so that they focus on growing quality fruits and vegetables than taking shortcuts to save on cost. The fact that farmers don’t do so well in India also adversely affect the quality of fruits and vegetables that we consume. The better the fruits and vegetables in quality, the healthier we are. A valid govt. license and ample financial support is all the farmers need to grow quality fruits and vegetables.

Why is the Milk Produce of cage free cows / buffaloes the best ?

They say the happier the animals are, the better their products are. However, synthetic growth hormones like rBST that are administered to dairy cows for increased production of milk can cause serious harm to human health. According to reports, Massachusetts (USA) conducted a vote recently on a ballot initiative that intends to help increase the space allowed to animals in the industrial food production mechanism.

Usually, the farm animals like cows, hens, and pigs are confined to compact spaces that barely allows them to stretch their limbs, lie down, or even stand. This ballot initiative will allow them to move around freely for a healthy growth. Based on studies conducted in 2003 by the Penn State University, the hens that could graze freely (pastured) laid eggs that were high in vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids compared to the hens in confined spaces.

Therefore, you should consume milk produce derived from cage free cows/buffaloes. Let’s see why:

  • The cows/buffaloes are allowed to roam around free and graze freely in the outdoors instead of being confined to a cage. This naturally makes the animals happy and automatically produce milk that’s healthy.
  • They have continuous access to pasture during the growing season, that is, from the time-period between the average date of the last frost in spring to the average date of the first frost in the fall. This keeps them happy and produce best milk.
  • The cows and buffaloes are kept in an environment that lets them exercise and move around freely making them overall healthy.
  • Being cage-free means the cows are offered the much-needed comfort ensuring good health and physical safety that helps offer superior quality milk to the buyers.
Are medicines more important than our daily Fruits / Vegetables / Milk?

If you are buying medicines you would know how carefully the medicines are stored so that we get the best treatment and get well soon. There are umpteen regulations around medicines that is, how they should be stored, under what conditions, etc., however, when it’s about the fruits/vegetables/milk that we consume everyday there are no regulations at all, why?

The food that we eat everyday includes only fruits, vegetables or milk and hence, the quality of these items is much more important than medicines. Eating quality fruits/vegetables/milk on a daily basis will sure better health thereby, restricting the use of medicines. However, most of the produce these days are contaminated with germs, bacteria and even harsh chemicals and so, the overall quality is neglected to the max. There should be stricter regulations to curb the use of harmful chemicals, the way the fruits or vegetables are stored, and the way the milk is produced to ensure that these are free of bacteria and germs. This will automatically ensure a healthy life free of medicines.

Is pressure cooker good for cooking?

Whether cooking food in pressure is good or not is an eternal debate. Yes, pressure cooker cooking does kill a lot of essential nutrients in the process and is known to increase exposure to toxins. However, there are studies proving that pressure cooking does preserve nutrients by reducing the cooking time and the pros are far more than any proven harmful effects. Let’s compare both the beliefs and it’s on you take the call.

Pressure cooking is harmful for health

  • If you are cooking especially in Teflon coated cookware, it is known to produce harmful fumes after its heated.
  • The ones made of stainless steel are known to cook acidic foods which is dangerous.
  • There’s no conclusive research that proves that pressure cooker does not raise the glutamine in cooked food, dramatically. Glutamine can be harmful when it passes the blood brain wall and gets metabolized to glutamate.

Pros of pressure cooking

  • According to a study in 1995 in a journal Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, pressure cooking preserves the vitamin C and carotene in spinach and amaranth.
  • A recent study in 2007 in the Journal of Food and Science proved that cooked broccoli retains 90% of Vitamin C.
  • Studies prove that it reduces the level of anti-nutrient phytic acid which is known to blocks absorption of minerals in the digestive tract.
Does weak Digestive System Causes 70-80% Ailments in Body?

All diseases begins in the gut” -Hippocrates

The gut contains an estimated 70% to 80% of the immune system, they say. Hence, it is extremely important to keep the digestive system healthy to keep off from ailments. It’s proven that when the gut bacteria are in control, you will automatically have a balanced immunity. Beneficial bacteria in your digestive system have the capability of affecting your body’s vitamin and mineral absorbency, hormone regulation, digestion, vitamin production, immune response, and ability to eliminate toxins, not to mention your overall mental health.

Digestive issues can be the root cause for many other health issues including brain and mental health. So, if you are frequently suffering from digestive issues, you will be prone to different ailments in the body too early. Symptoms related to poor gut health can be as obvious as abdominal pain, bloating after meals, reflux, or flatulence, but also less obvious like headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and immune system weakness.

Is exercise more important than diet for health?

There is no doubt about the fact that diet and exercise go hand in hand. Both of these are equally important for us to stay healthy and fit. However, one needs to strike the perfect balance between the diet and exercise. The rigorous amount of exercise without proper diet may cause injuries and damages. That is why it becomes very important to concentrate on your diet first before you select your exercising regime. Protein rich diet along with vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals should be present in your diet in order to maintain your health system. Working out will only burn out those excess calories and fat deposits so that you stay fit and healthy inside. Working out increases the energy levels since it can burn the fats to turn it into energy. Regular workouts also keep your heart in good condition.  Thus both diet and exercise are equally important. 

Is fasting bad for health?

It is a usual belief that if you want to lose weight fast then you must go on a fast. Well a lot of young people who want to shed kilos desperately, try fasting as the easiest option. You don’t eat and thus there is no headache of putting on calories or burning it. But researches show that fasting does not help you lose weight. Rather it brings in symptoms that can aggravate to ailments. Fasting can cause medical conditions like high blood pressures, heart diseases, arthritis asthma and much more. Fasting can also lead to the gastric problem and can cause severe pain in the stomach. 

Why Some Stress Is Good for You?

We all crave for happiness and work towards making our lives happy, easy and content. However, new research have shown the fact that a little stress is actually good for the human brain. Yes, researchers have found out that acute stress that is short living can actually boost up the cognitive function. It can also boost the performance of a human being as it pushes a person out of their comfortable spot. It is widely known that it is the hard times that makes the person stronger and wiser. But it has to be remembered that long term or chronic stress can cause serious damage to a person. 

Can yoga cause Slip Disc in spinal cord?

Yoga is one of the best ways to exercising. However, when you are doing a yoga pose incorrectly it can also cause a lot of damage to your body and especially your knees and back. It has been seen that incorrect yoga poses have caused slip disc causing a lot of damage to the lower back. Yoga poses such as Bitilasana, Bharadvajasana and Marjaryasana which are meant for easing off back pain can actually cause slip disc if they are not done in the perfect way. That is why it is always advisable to take the help of a professional yoga instructor so that you can reap the immense benefits of yoga without any side effects.

Is drinking too water harmful?

Yes, drinking too much water can have scary side effects. It is normally said that drinking 2 liters of water a day is enough for an adult. But the best thing is to drink as much as your body needs in a day. Drinking more than 2 liters of water everyday can have some usual side effects. It can cause hyponatremia which is the deficiency of sodium in the blood. Excessive drinking of water swells up your cells causing hyponatremia. You can also lose potassium in the blood and get affected by hypokalemia. Too much water can damage your glomeruli and put pressure on your heart function too. It can also affect your digestion.



What causes Acidity

Acidity can be caused by incorrect Diet, Alcohol, Smoking



What is Diabetes

Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both.

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