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DB Care (Diabetes)

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DB-Care is an all-natural supplement made of 12 herbs that are combined to treat the symptoms of Type 1 & 2 diabetes. Free of heavy metal, this herbal supplements helps improve overall health & protects vital organs.

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&MatsyaVeda DB-Care is the best ayurvedic medicine for naturally controlling diabetes. It has no side effects and is safe to use since its prepared from herbs found in nature. It does not contain any heavy metals. DB-Care is made from a combination of 12 herbs that are processed naturally to treat the symptoms of Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes. Patients should avoid sweets and fatty meals, and should exercise regularly. DB-Care herbal supplement improves overall health of Diabetic patient and protect vital organs of the body.

Buy MatsyaVeda herbal medicine for diabetes at our online ayurveda shop. These ayurvedic medicines from the online store are the best home remedies at best costs. Our online shop provides the best ayurvedic supplements that are the best home remedies for diabetes.

DB-Care takes 21 days for preparation. As per Ayurvedic principles, medicine under goes under 7 stages of Bhavana (lavigation) to increase the efficacy.

Please refer to White Paper with details about DB-Care and published research : Whitepaper_DB-Care

64 reviews for DB Care (Diabetes)

  1. Sudarshan

    It is giving better results in controlling sugar than some other ayurvedic prodect.

  2. Surender

    In my case they have really worked but you need to take as indicated. Empty stomach, 60 minutes before meals

  3. Prithvi

    I became surprised. It is working although it is cheaper than others.

  4. Davinder

    The product has shown very good result over the months & I have been using it now

  5. Sunny

    Very good product and is effective as well. I have ordered again. Worth comparing to other products

  6. Arun

    Within 23 days of taking this product My Father felt better and his blood sugars were better within 2 weeks. Also he no longer crave sweets as he did before taking this supplement.

  7. Sam

    Good product……i am sure i gonna buy it.

  8. Saurav

    Tell me why i buy that instead of patanjali.

  9. Saurav

    I saw your website online and now viewing all the products i am now going to buy it.

  10. Sushma

    My father-in-law start using the product last one month, he finds positive effects.

  11. Manik

    Has helped my aunt see a drastic control in the Sugar Levels.

  12. A Anand

    I used the medicine for 1 month and my sugar level dropped from 260 to 170. Now i have left my allopathic medicines.

  13. Ankita

    This product has had a positive impact on my mother sugar readings. The numbers are coming down! No doubt a cost-effective solution for sugar control which I will definitely recommend .

  14. Kanika

    This tablet is working well for my both parents . Diabetes in order now .
    Delivered on time

  15. Saurabh

    It is giving good results, it helps control the sugar levels but it acts little slow. Have placed another order for the same

  16. Tanuja

    My husband is type 2 diabetic and this works like magic for him, it keeps his blood sugar regulated. He has tried a lot things like karela jamun juice and countless other packaged remedies but this by far is the best

  17. sandeep

    I bought it for my grandfather, he is taking this cont. For last 15 days now his sugar levels satisfactory which usually were not.

  18. P.Singh

    I bought this for my mother, in just one month we could see the effect. Diabetes lowered down, seriously it did. The best part of these tablets are they are totally herbal. My mom is very cautious about everything she takes, but after seeing it’s ingredients , she was ready to use it and it worked… 🙂

  19. Sameer

    aken this for 15 days regurly and find our sugar level are more stable like in my case my level fluctuate very much.
    Don’t expect any mirecle it’s take any diabetic medicine to take atleast 15 to 29 days to show result.
    So, suggest try once.

  20. surbhi

    Very decent product, my sugar levels came normal after taking the medicine

  21. Alka

    In July 2018 when the problems started. My Blood sugar went to 328 and A1c 10.
    My doctor told me I have gone to a type 1 Diabetic. I started using Toueo Insulin, my Blood numbers got better. After six months, my doctor advice me use these capsules as a ayurvedic supplement along with insulin.
    I gave it a try and dietician kept an eagle eye on me during the whole process . My numbers have stabilized A1c 6.7
    Blood Sugar 150. Thank youMatsyaveda & dietician also.

  22. Ramsundar G

    The biggest problem when people look out for alternative medicines these days is “trust”. Products and companies try to exploit gullible customers by branding things as “organic” when nothing about it is home grown and so on.

    But I can personally vouch for this product, and I would even go a little overboard in describing it as an oasis in the middle of sham dealers. The product is pure, the ingredients are healthy and simple – things that you know are generally good , the delivery was on time and the communication with the product makers were super. I could get a detailed description on how to take the pills and the diet that should be supplemented with it.

    Both my parents and my in laws have chronic diabetes and I should say in less than a month their live styles have considerably improved. I am able to visibly see a difference each passing week.

    Please take my word and go for it. It is one of the few honest and able product in this age of corporate dacoity.

  23. Shishir

    My parents have been using this for some time now and are able to feel the difference it has brought to their life routines. Their sugar level is in control and they feel energetic and complain less of chronic age related pain.

  24. Ankit

    I had ordered these capsules for a friend of mine. Its dosage has helped him a lot manage his diabetes better than before

  25. Deepak

    Unlike other treatment procedures that jump straight to symptom management, Matsyaveda plans to address the root-cause of the disease. It begins by detoxifying the body so that medicines can work better towards treating the actual root-cause of the disease.

  26. Avneesh

    Effective Ayurvedic tablets with no side effects. Decent Price as well

  27. Rashi

    Good for dibetic patient

  28. Sunil

    It’s far better.Ayurveda of india is great, safer and better

  29. Manvik

    I was diagnosed with Diabetes at an early age of 30 – i first tried allopathic route! After using Diabex to 3 months later my sugar levels are normal. I wish I was introduced earlier to Matsyaveda!

  30. Rajeev Kumar

    I was recommended DB Care by my doctor ( who also is a family friend) Though he is an allopathic doctor, but because of knowing him personally, he suggested me to move to Ayurvedic and natural way of treating my Type 2 Diabetes. Thus I started taking DB Care and within the first 1.5 months, my Diabetes dropped from 150/170 to now a 110/120 on an average. It has been a miracle for me and all the more as its herbal with no side effects. I am now maintaining my diet, keeping my alcohol and meat consumption to an all time low and with support of DB Care I am leading a very healthy balanced life. Thanks to genuine doctors who can prescribe the right medication.

  31. Harjas

    this tablets really control the sugar level in the body. I will recomended to my friends

  32. Harish Yadav

    Works very well. My sugar level’s properly maintained now.

  33. Guneet

    it is a geniuine porduct and very good for controlling diabetes u can… go for it without a hitch.

  34. Basu

    Awesome it’s very useful and helpful for me so I purchased it again. Thanks

  35. Manoj

    It has balanced my sugar level

  36. megha

    I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes last year and was recommended Matsyaveda products as a solution. I had the capsule twice a day as recommended. I’ve just got my latest reports and I’m thrilled to say my blood sugar is back to normal!

  37. suzy malon

    Today I want to report my results so far from taken DB Care 2 months and 10 days.

    I started with 120 / 130 in the morning and +, HcA1 7

    For the moment 90 / 110 in the morning and HcA1 5,8

    So I am very happy to see so good results in only 2 months!

    My C-Peptide is 1,9 , I hope it will go up in the next few months

    My insulin intake or inject is going from 24 units 4 times a day / night to 4 units 3 times a day, and 10 for the night.

    I really hope I can inject Insulin even less in the future.

    I keep you informed.

    To me DB Care is a great success, and I am so happy I found it, and tried it.

    Of cause, I stay on my diat, with less carbs!

    Best regards

    Malon suzy


  38. Prashant

    This product was suggested by a family friend, I wanted to try this for my grand father who is suffering with type 2 diabetes. He is using this product from few days and I can see great improvement in the over all health of my grandpa. These guys are not just selling the product but also guiding on the day to day on Food and Exercises along with this ayurvedic medicine. This is really excellent and the medicine is working perfectly with their way of prescription

  39. Bhavnik

    Effective product as it helps reduce the problem of diabetes..
    It takes time to show its effect but trust me its the best medicine .. Very effective

  40. Bishwajit

    very effective Type 2 diabetes and is very happy with all the products as they have given very good, effective and visible results.

  41. Palak

    Great product really beneficial if you are suffering from Diabetes!

  42. Prakash

    Great product purchased this for my mom..working well & fine.daily before food we have to take 2 tablets in the morning & 2 tablets @ night beforer food..no doubt go for it

  43. Mithil Raj

    I ordered a bottle of dbcare and tried it for 15 days though I did not notice any difference in my Diabetes.

  44. Jassy

    Product meets the expectations and delivered within time frame committed.

  45. Chetna

    It’s fantastic and very effective since the beginning of it’s use. Regular use I hope may even help to get rid of insulin. No side effect yet noticed.

  46. Tarun


  47. Alok

    Good diabetic supplement. Control sugar level fluctuations.

  48. Srijan

    Good product. Results are natural.
    Recommend to try 1ce.

  49. Hamid

    This is an additional non harmful , non-allopathic safe medicine to control diabetic medicine I depend !!!!!

  50. Shubham

    Its a good product for lowering the blood sugar levels, Its recommended by one of my friend’s Father who is Specialized in Ayurveda, My Father having it as prescribed by him. There is no side effects as of now.

  51. Nandlal

    I used for sugar control.I take one capsule in the morning at break fast,1 at lunch and 1 at dinner.
    It has helped me in my sugar control.

  52. Shashikant

    Best product to control your sugar.

  53. Sunil

    Jabse matsyaveda lena chalu kiya hai bahut se complications mai farak dikh raha feeling energetic Nice result.

  54. shilpa gupta

    Helped to stabilise my blood sugar and kept me away from the doctor!

  55. Radhika

    They’re the best especially for diabetics! You must have their products. I guarantee that you’ll be much healthier! My father’s sugar was very high but now it’s under control only due to the consumption of their products. Earlier even insuline injections weren’t showing good results.

  56. pranay

    After taking this medicine I have stopped taking insulin

  57. Hriday

    My blood sugar levels were at 360+. With 3 months of Matsyaveda, I have now reached normal levels of 140-150.

    5 out of 5

  58. Sai

    Effective product. Helps control / maintain your blood sugar at optimum levels.

  59. Neha

    I have been using this medicine for 6 months for my grand mother my dadi was taking 22 unit of insulin but with proper followup and diet she is now taking 15 unit of isulin she is happy and active because of high insulin she use to feel hungry a lot her food cravings also got vanished due to this. I recommend everyone to use this.

  60. Sanjeev

    My uncle is suffering from diabetes, but within 20 days of regular use, Sugar level has become stable.

  61. Tanmay

    Much better product than other ayurvedic companies

  62. Naresh

    Results are very beautiful .my fasting sugar came in much control after i started having this

  63. Nalini

    great herbal product for Diabetics to reduce the sugar count in the blood.If you follow normal healthy pattern and exercise , surely your sugar count in the blood will be reduced to normal.Good product with good price.

  64. Prairna

    These tablets were highly recommended by our family physician.My mother has been taking two tablets twice a day now, in addition to her regular insulin shots. The initial effects are barely noticeable as it is not an aggressive therapy for diabetes. The tablets are very mild but are said to be very effective after months of consumption. A big thank you to the manufacturers Matsyaveda for making it available for such low price and for the prompt dispatch every time.

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Each 750mg capsule contains : 
Common NameLatin NameQuantity
Jamun LeavesEugenia jambolana linn67.6mg
Jamun GhutliEugenia jambolana linn67.6mg
NeemAzadirachta indica67.6mg
TulsiOcimum sanctum linn67.6mg
MethiTrigonella foenumgraecum linn67.6mg
SaunfFoeniculum vulgare mill67.6mg
GurmarGymnema sylvestre R.Br.67.6mg
ChirayataSwertia chirata67.6mg
VijaysarPterocarpus marsupium roxb67.6mg
Bel LeavesAegle marmelos corr67.6mg
KarelaMomordica charantia linn67.6mg
Processed in : Godhan Ark


2 capsules empty stomach in morning and 2 capsules at bedtime with water or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Safe for long term use. Non-Habit forming.

How it Works

When we eat, our body turns food into sugars, or glucose. At that point, our pancreas, an organ that lies near the stomach, is supposed to release insulin. Insulin serves as a “key” to open our cells, to allow the glucose to enter -- and allow us to use the glucose for energy. But when you have diabetes, your body either doesn't make enough insulin or can't use its own insulin as well as it should. This causes sugars to build up in the blood. Thus Diabetes is a disease in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood. DB-Care has several natural herbs that reduces levels of glycosuria, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar in the body. These herbs have many anti-diabetic features. Research indicates that herbs in DB-Care are rich in alkaloids and thus have hypoglycemic properties effective in reducing high blood sugar. DB-Care helps to convert starch into energy and keep the blood sugar levels in check. It has bioactive compounds such as Nimbinin and nimbandiol that have significant blood sugar lowering effect. It also has adaptogen, one which reduces both fasting and post-meal glucose levels. DB-Care contains gymnemic acids, that have been shown to decrease the absorption of sugar from the intestines. It lowers the symptoms of diabetes such as polyuria or excessive and frequent urination, polydipsia or excessive thirst, polyphagia or excessive eating, and peripheral neuropathy which leads to paresthesias or abnormal sensation over your skin like tingling, numbness and burning of hands and feet. DB-Care has two very essential compounds called charactin and momordici, which are useful anti-oxidants and helps in normalizing blood pressure as well as warding off diabetes complications. It contain plant-based insulin known as polypeptide-P, which act like the insulin made in pancreas, and lowers sugar levels. DB-Care also has Fenugreek seeds that are high in soluble fibre, which helps lower blood sugar by slowing down digestion and absorption of carbohydrates and sugar. Also DB-Care helps in normalizing energy levels in the body of diabetic patients.

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