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Imuno (Immunity Enhancer)

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IMMUNO CAPSULE  helps in improving overall immunity by enhancing the body’s natural defense mechanism. It acts as a stress releaser and protects body from harmful effects of toxins. It also naturally improves energy level of the body.

For Boosting Immunity

100% Natural | 60 Veg Capsules | Herbal Remedy

  Safe and free from side-effects .

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IMMUNO CAPSULE  helps in improving overall immunity by enhancing the body’s natural defence mechanism. It acts as a stress releaser and protects body from harmful effects of toxins. It also naturally improves energy levels of the body.

For Boosting Immunity

100% Natural | 60 Veg Capsules | Herbal Remedy

DB-Care  Safe and free from side-effects .

34 reviews for Imuno (Immunity Enhancer)

  1. Emraan artistry

    I love ths product

  2. Ghasiram

    The product is very good and very helpful . felt the noticeable change .

  3. sanjay kumar

    So good product

  4. Gursimran

    I have been taking these for a couple of days and sent it to relatives as well. Stunning pressing, simple spring up medication. Should attempt in current climate conditions to support invulnerability.

  5. Priyanka

    I bought these two for me and my family, given the situation we all need to supplement our diets with immunity boosters and the tablets are an easy way of doing it.

  6. Mani

    Me and my family our regular consumers of haldi Doodh, every night a nice warm turmeric latte is something we need inevitably before going to bed but while we were out travelling we missed our daily doze of turmeric. That’s when I came across these tablets and we keep it handy and during this pandemic it has become a part of our daily routine. We just can’t miss on this.

  7. Sohail

    These caps are bought by me . 100% Ayurvedic Health Booster package itis. It helpd in improving overall health . The best part is its boost immunity, anti allergic, anti inflammatory properties, anti oxident properties.It helps enhance the immune response against infections.
    It will a good immunity booster in this pandemic.

  8. Kant

    Very nice and useful capsules.. According to me, its definitely worth buying

  9. Anju

    It is made of pure herbs and free from any adulteration.These caps are a wonderful substitute for those who lead a fast life and cannot prepare the immunity boosting smoothies

  10. Ankita

    I am surprised after seeing the results of these…..It solved the hormonal problem surprisingly and the skin looks so glowing. Everyone should try it once.

  11. vinny

    In today’s time of pandemic, where boosting our immunity has been a priority… Matsyaveda’s Immuno will be considered a boon To the Gen Z people who have no time in their busy schedule to prepare the Immunity booster concoctions. It helpsto reduce any kind of information in a body apart from being a fantastic immunity booster

  12. milind

    For me It is useful as immunity booster, fighting common cold and relieving body pain. Over all, it offers many benefits and costs less effort.

  13. Disha

    These tablets boost immunity. These are natural and a perfect way to stay immune, strong and safe. I have used these for a few days and already i feel the difference in my body.

  14. nitin

    I am so happy to have such great product from the trusted brand. Its completely organic so not to worry about anything. Its easy to take and ready to hae immunity booster. Great Experience in Covid Situation

  15. Sonu

    I loved it, Really works well.
    My friend suggested me about this and I am happy as it really good and very easy to take on the place of powder. It helps me to make immunity better and get improve antioxidant power of my body. Me and my younger brother taking the tablet on regular basis for benefits.

  16. Soumitra

    Everyone at my home consume this tablets daily for immunity boost up. Very high quality product. These tablets are very helpful in viral infectious.

  17. Reginald

    Keep this going please, great job!

    my website Steamers

  18. Amu

    I’m using this in daily life.
    Really nice product.
    Easy to sollow.
    And keeps you healthy from inside.

  19. Ansari

    These caps are very essential in today’s life. In this pandemic I need to keep my body strong and protective from the various types of gems and viruses. These caps keeps my immunity up and makes me feel strong and active for the whole day.

  20. Shanky

    It is beneficial in body temperature management…and also helps in staying healthy in current season change and a boon for recurrent cold cough respiratory disorder… is really an immunity boasting package plus it helps in liver functioning, detoxification, digestion, reduces stress and anxiety and what not! So if you’re looking for home remedy to stay healthy and also boost immunity, Go for Imuno

  21. Arpit

    This is one of the best immunity boosters out there. It does not only boost your immunity but gives you energy and confidence through out the day.
    It reduces joint pain by making your immune system better day by day.

  22. Viren

    I ordered this as a pack of two and received the correct product. The packaging for good and capsules were safely packed. I took these caps for two weeks and witnessed immediate changes in my body

  23. Ritu

    I started taking these tablets few days back and believe me it’s such a miracle for me because I was suffering for cough, when I started taking these tablets, I get relief from my cough in couple of days only.

  24. sunil

    My family has immense faith in Ayurveda. In these COVID times we all needed to maintain our immunity and we are doing everything possible to protect our family from viral infections. I read that this one is a natural immunity booster so thought why not buy this and try

  25. Shantanu

    I clearly remember when I bought it, I kept it for a while to begin with and one day I was feeling this itchiness in my throat and I seriously couldn’t think of better way to start. I took the tablet in night and slept.

    Next day my itchiness went away, since then it’s a treasured capsules for me.

  26. Tarun

    I always looks for natural products which helps in boosting our immunity system & respiratory health.It can also help relieve headaches and may lessen anxiety and depression for some.
    Consumption on regular basis may lead to better sleep as well. I have a good experience with this product.

  27. Sukhvinder

    Won’t deny I was a bit sceptical while ordering . I was very happy with the packaging. The bottles were packed and delivered intact.
    Since I stay in North India, where winters have set in, I experience frequent bouts of cough and cold. And need to take inhaler also on alternate days . Within 5 days of taking these tulsi tablets, I have experienced a sea change in my overall cold condition.
    I highly recommend it to everyone. Try it to experience the improvement. I am positive, you won’t be disappointed.

  28. NILESH

    My wife suffers from seasonal allergies and every winter she adds tulsi leaves to her tea. When my friend told me about these tablets I decided to buy these for my wife. She has been taking them regularly for the last one week and she seems fine. I really hope this season she stays clear of cold and cough.

  29. Poonam

    In hectic lifestyles, we all need a stress buster, ashwagandha is just awesome to remove all your stress. I am using this product for the past 10 days I feel so relaxed and anxiety-free. The price is a bit high but can affordable as it comes in a pack of two. I highly recommend this product.

  30. Chandrama

    This immunity tablet I bought was a good product, yet again. Because of the situation going on, I want to say that every family should have some immunity booster in their homes too.

  31. Tanisha

    It is a safe product to use during winters with no side effects…Taking 1 tablet twice a day gives energy and boosts immunity…Highly recommemded to all..natural and worthy product…

  32. Deblina

    I started taking this product from last 7 days and now I can witness the changes in me. To do work from homeI felt very low and lazy but after taking this tablets my energy levels have increased, feel very energetic and enthusiastic.

  33. Salim


  34. Anand

    Very helpful to combat daily stress has increased my appetite, helpful if you’re having sleepless nights (makes you feel sleepy). I feel more energetic after taking this for about a month, great product for daily use.

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1-2 capsules thrice a day or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Safe for long term use. Non-Habit forming.
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