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Lean Up (Weight Management & Detox)

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Lean Up gently detoxifies the body, supporting proper nutrition and metabolic function. It helps in losing unwanted weight and burning extra fatty tissues in the body. It gently scrapes toxins from the system while enkindling the digestive fire, allowing proper digestion, absorption and assimilation.

For Detox & Weight Management.

100% Natural | 60 Veg Capsules | Herbal Remedy

  Safe and free from side-effects .

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MatsyaVeda Lean-Up is the best ayurvedic supplement for weight management and detox. Its the effective herbal medicine to reduce obesity. It detoxifies the body with unwanted fat deposits and increases the metabolism of the body to effectively absorb the food. It also helps in reducing food cravings thus leading to smaller meals. Its a premium quality product prepared with more than 20 herbs that are found in nature. It does not contain any heavy metals and is safe to consume.

Buy MatsyaVeda herbal medicine for weight loss and detox at our online ayurveda shop. These ayurvedic medicines from the online store are the best home remedies for losing weight and detoxing the body at best costs. Our online shop provides the best natural supplements that are the best home remedies for reducing weight in a natural way.

Please refer to White Paper with details about Lean-Up and published research : Whitepaper_Lean-Up

75 reviews for Lean Up (Weight Management & Detox)

  1. Bhavesh

    Good and effective product.
    Satisfied after using it.

  2. Gaurav

    I am writing this review after using the product for 25 days, very effective, totally value for money, you can definitely try it if you want to lose your weight, I have lost 2-3KG in 25days

  3. Shreyansh

    I am using this tablet from 3months now and I seen a very drastical change.After many diet and fitness plan I was not able to reach my goal.then I come to know about this and it’s very effective

  4. Aniket

    I have used this product for a month and the results are amazing. Lean Up is the best. Loved it. Will reorder again

  5. Megha

    I like this product because it’s totally natural..and I don’t face any kind of side effects, it’s help me to reduce my extra fat.

  6. Ipshita

    Best fat burner,combined with excersice and low calorie diet it’s easy to shed that stubborn fat. On my sister’s advice ordered it and very satisfied 👍

  7. Anjali

    I was over weight and use to feel bloated all the time. I tried 2 weight loss and detox supplement but it didn’t help. I made sure I walk atleast 2-3 miles a day but still not considerable change. On a recommendation I tried this LeanUp and I can say that it’s definitely working for me. I don’t feel bloated now and have lost some fat around my belly. I am still continuing with my walk as well. It helped my curb my food cravings too. Glad to see some results finally.

  8. sneha

    Good weight loss capsules I like it.
    I consume it 2 times a day. And I’m getting a good result which is good

  9. Deep


    Its a great product, i m using this since last 2 months and i m happy to say that i have lost 4-5 kg weight. Now, i am feeling great and confident and surely suggest this product to those who wanted to loose their weight.


  10. Sultan

    This is a good product without exercise only from daily routine wrk I lost 2kg in a
    20days very good product …..don’t think that it’s a not genuine …it is genuine products I even buy more capsules also

  11. Neerja

    I waited a bit to write a review to see if it worked or not…well it’s working quite nicely for me..I lost 2.5kgs in 3weeks

  12. Prisha

    Extremely helpful product
    Really helps in fat loss
    Went from 74 kgs to 70 in a month
    Very good results
    Would recommend being a customer

  13. Parthi

    Good product. My relative used it for weight loss and for healthy body. Frankly they said it works. Description was true.

  14. Karam

    Intially, I bought this product for reducing belly weight. I was wondering if this would also be a waste of money, but no this gave me confidence by reducing my belly from 38 to 34 in just 3 weeks.
    And now im on my way to abs and a muscular body

  15. Anant

    It does work slowly provided you handle you diet well and clean. Certainly added advantage during fat lose period.

  16. Rishi

    It is very nice product useful these days to reduce weight…. Only doing yoga was helping me little but it boosted my loosing fat worksouts…

  17. Gunjan

    I never believed it that they can result in weight loss but within a month’s time I started seeing the difference in the fat I reduced in my belly. Thus, i have started taking it regular and would recommend to others.

  18. Vaibhy

    This a great supplement for weight loss.
    I lost a kilo in about a weeks time.
    Having said that, you can not take this and eat and drink whatever you want.
    I have been maintaining clean diet and working out regularly.
    If you take this and continue eating a lot junk regularly, it’s not going to do much!
    With all the effort it will give you best results!

  19. Ramesh

    My wife is taking it since last month. Results are visible. It doesn’t work over overnight, but it’s effective.

  20. Varun

    I am trying it, actually my belly fat is been reduced so far, I am happy, but I am taking this along with 30 min walk and diet

  21. Raghav

    Good Product so far I have used two bottle, I feel energetic, it eases to pass the stool. So far have lost 4 kg in 2 months without any diet, for who are dieting can achieve more weight loss.

  22. Gaurav

    Its only one day I have started it. Hoping for the best results as it claims

  23. Sanya

    I have been using this product from more than 2week and I can see a few changes in my body. The best part Is it’s 100% natural and no side effects. I’ll recommend you guys to try this once I bet you’ll be happy with the results like I’m.

  24. Ayesha

    Really impressed with the results… It’s just 10 days m using the tablet but I can feel a lot more light than before… Thanku so much matsyaveda for suggesting me this

  25. Preeti

    This is really an effective product for fat to fit… I am happy with this product

  26. Prajakta

    I am please to say that I have lost weight and continue to lose more. I truly do not believe I would have did and feel so good about reaching my goals from weight no more

  27. Sanchi

    Recently ordered this product for my mom. Its been 2-3 days she has been using it and she loves it so far

  28. Pankaj

    The product worked well for me and helped me a lot. Have already recommended it to a few friends who desperately need it.
    Thanks a lot.
    Go for it guys

  29. Harsha

    the pills are actually gift for my body , the best ever experience which has helped me to loose the body fat with zero problem i can say , i love that things , wow , my body has comed into shape after this .

  30. Shweta

    Amazing product… Lean up helps to Stay in Great Shape with Weight and the most importantly it’s a 100% natural way of going about managing weight…

  31. Anurag

    From 1 month, I was taking this tablets and now I fell that the weight of my body is decreased, and after all I feel fit and active

  32. heena

    Yes if you want to loss your weight you can use this product I loss my weight from 70 to 65 after using 3 bottle but u should follow the diet chart also then it work more

  33. Reena

    the belly area need to be reduced , others has failed where it has worked , the works can be observed when it helps you to get in shape back as you were in normal.
    the hunger is controlled with it and i have keep my diet check so all together it has made impact on me.
    good to feel back in shape now.

  34. Shreya

    It is really work. I lost 2kg in a 1 month it’s absolutely very good product but you have to continue your walk and diet properly

  35. Atul

    Absolutely… This is a great product ..
    If used correctly..
    Thank you… for bringing this product to maker… and bringing it to market.

    This time no any other product in this market .. who can compete with it…

  36. Shaktika

    I took these tablets for my aunt who was quite hefty and wasn’t able to control weight. She was in a bad shape and was quite heavy bottom. This tablets was a saviour. Lean up helped in getting rid of the unwanted fat from thighs and also helped her managing her weight.

  37. Rachit

    It is a very nice supplement to include in your daily routine. This product is really great. It gives boost energy and metabolism and also helps in reducing body fat. A great and healthy way to burn off the excess fat. These tablets have no side effect. This product is one of the best product. It helps in fat burning process and improves physical performance

  38. Hatim

    Very good product, I have tried multiple products from same company and all good results

  39. Ayush

    Loved the product. really works like magic…. I reduced weight and inches so effectively.

  40. Sahil Goel

    After quitting the Gym, I had gained some belly fat. So I wanted something minmal that will quickly work with the help of gymming. So I ordered these capsules. Within just 1 and a half month I have lost half my belly fat & my tummy is almost flat. Thanks for this Wonder Product.

  41. Neha

    honestly speaking it is an amazing product I have ever seen, trust me, I am taking the medicines from last 2 weeks and the result of that product I can feel and see !! If you have facing the problem of weight gain and u don’t have a… tym for so much exercising and all, go for it..purchase it!!!!! Miracle

  42. Farhan

    Using this product for weight loss. Amazing and fast results.Good supplement for weight loss. Will use it again!

  43. Anubhav

    An interesting product which can really be useful to some people. It’s a good opportunity for people struggling with weight issues.

  44. Mayank

    So far the result have been very outstanding.My target was to lessen the fat percentage and i got superb results.It boosts my metabolism fat burner very cost effective and result oriented

  45. Manisha

    I found it effective.. From last 20-25 days I m consuming those pills and getting result.. Its reduce belly fat so quickly. Like this product

  46. Harsh

    It’s usefull and there are no side effects of it; I have lost 7 kg in one month…. Including this with a proper diet 🙂👍

  47. Rishabh

    Have been reading about such products on internet lately and finally thought of using one. Used this product and I see that this product looks promising. Indeed worth a try.

  48. Rishi

    Matsyaveda is one the most trusted Brand……They are known for the quality…….. Matsyaveda is quite effective..and the packaging is very informative….

  49. Suruchi

    Mujhe koi fark nahi dikha

  50. sandhya

    Very good capsule for weight lose. I like it. It’s all made of natural ingredients so no fear of side effects.. loved it…

  51. Latika

    I’ve bought 4 of these and I can tell you right off the bat that it does not make you lose weight immediately.
    What it does is eliminate your craveness for high calorie foods. That happened to me, I went on for 2 months wanting only what’s healthy and necessary to keep my belly full. I was 79kg before I bought these and now I’m 73kg. I still have two more containers to go

  52. Piyushi

    Really its very effective i have lost good amount of weight with this. No side effects experienced by me. Totally satisfied

  53. Neetu

    I started using these tablets on a friend’s suggestion because I have been on keto diet and was stuck on a weight. But I am glad I am using it now and started losing weight again.

  54. Preet

    I used this from a week and i really got the effect of it.i am started loosing weight.i do daily exercise and diet and daily use it .and now i am improving my body.i am very happy with its result .if you want to lose your weight i will defenetlly recommend you to buy this.but you have to do daily exercise and follow proper diet and you will get its effect.and its taste less capsule.its easy to use it. Still i don’t get any side effects of it like hair fall and many more.I am very happy with this product.

  55. Raman

    I wanted to lose weight naturally. Found this ad on facebook and thanks to their free doctor consultation I started the course. It has been 3 months and have reduced close to 4 months with leanup, following a diet and exercising.

  56. Pooja

    I am using it from last 20 days. You will definitely see good results. Once try it and you will be happy to see the genuine results

  57. Trisha

    Excellent 😂 my sincere request please go for this product it’s awesome real worthy

  58. Saheen

    Totally safe and herbal ingredients. Satisfied with product quality

  59. Yash

    Tried this after a friend’s suggestion,lost 4 kgs in 1 months using it.
    Just keep a healthy diet while using it

  60. Jignesh

    konsi bhi davai use kerne se dar lagta muze ..lekin ye ayurvedic hai reviews padhe inke docter saheb ko call kerke sab pucha 2mahine use kiya wakaye mein accha hai

  61. Nitish

    one of the best Weight Loss Products without any side effects. This tablet helps you to manage weight and sudden ifrease can be controlled. I found myself active i am taking tables from past 2-3 days.

  62. Shakshi Verma

    I got this product a little while ago so cannot say i lost a lot, but the start is really promising. I lost 2kg in the first week and hoping to loose more soon. Leanup gives me a lot of energy, i feel good and i am more focussed on my workout. Also i feel less hungry during the day and most important in the night i don`t feel like food craving all the time. So i guess these capsules are working quite well.

  63. Viraj

    It’s really good product and effective after regular use. Lean up containing all the important natural ingredients with weight management properties like methi, cinnamon, chitrak, piplamool ..Ithelps a lot and makes feel light and good .
    Vegetarian product which is also a very good and beneficial for me…

  64. Sheetal

    One of the best tabs loose ur weight that to with not much efforts..
    Must give it a try

  65. Srestha

    This is really 100% vegetarian product for effective weight control. It boosts metabolism, burns fats and keeps you energetic. The best part is thet you won’t even realize and would have lost 5-10kgs extra weight

  66. Laviska

    Ordered this on hearing from my friend’s fitness journey. Even after continuous exercise and dieting, she couldn’t lose the weight around her thighs and hips. Tried these amazing tablets and now she has legs like a model. Sometimes our body fat accumulates in a particular region and it is really hard to remove that until you lose all of your body fat, which eventually makes you too skinny.

    These tablets help in targeting the area where you want to burn the fat. Of course it takes time to see the results, you can’t see a result in a day or two

  67. Ritu

    Combine it with proper diet and exercise to see the expected results.. no product can bring overnight change.

  68. Anant

    Heard about this product and most of them are positive feedback so thought to give it a try.
    We all know certain fats get accumulated in specific parts of our body and it becomes hard to tone those areas
    A good diet along with these tablets would do miracles.
    The best thing is it does not contain any wheat, gluten & animal origin. Anyone can have it.

  69. sonam

    So i have been using this since few weeks and its amazing
    You Can Take The Advantage Of Ayurveda In Its Purest Form.
    Choose natural and sustainable long term goal with Matsyaveda
    You Can Consume The Tablets 2 after Breakfast and 2 After Dinner With Water Which Will Help You In Managing Your Weight!

  70. Gauri

    It’s very good quality product
    Great packaging
    No after or bad taste
    Total value for money
    Go for it👍

  71. Abhi

    Very effective, helps to lose weight in no time with proper guidelines and no side effects.

  72. Himanshu

    Very usefull to reduce unnecessary fat i use it with following some workout and diet im satisfied with its results 😍

  73. Palak

    The product is amazing… It seems really good and helps your body to easily burn your extra fat …

  74. Rina

    This is an amazing product as because it helped me to reduce 7kgs weight in a month …i am very happy with the result …having an obese structure in the first place always made me frustrated…but the results had made feel confident focussed and energized…thank you and all the best

  75. Sheetal

    Very effective product ,I felt it’s good effect in some days …And also in good flavor…Value of money

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Each 750mg veg capsule contains : 
Common NameLatin NameQuantity
HaradTerminalia citrina roxb139mg
MethiTrigonella foenum graecum69.5mg
DhaniyaCoriandrum sativum linn69.5mg
SaunfFoeniculum vulgare mill27.7mg
White CuminCuminum cyminum linn13.9mg
Black CuminCarum carvi linn13.9mg
AjwainCarum capticum benth & hook13.9mg
TriflaLatin name of harad, baheda and amla13.9mg
LaungCaryophyllus aromaticus linn13.9mg
GingerZingiber officinale13.9mg
GarlicAlluim stivum69.5mg
Black SaltUnazua sodium chloride55.5mg
Rock SaltSodii chloridium27.7mg
Aloe VeraAloe barbadenesis mill55.5mg
SennaiCassia angustifolia55.5mg
TulsiOcimum sataum linn27.7mg
Medohar GugulMedohar gugul69.5mg


2 capsules after meal twice a day or as directed by your healthcare provider. Safe for long term use. Non-Habit forming.

How it Works

Lean-Up is very effective for long term weight management. It prevent calories from being stored as fat and instead calories are converted into glycogen, which is necessary for building muscles and thus helping to improve stamina and eliminate fatigue. This helps motivating you to lead a healthier lifestyle as your physical appearance begins to change. It helps in losing unwanted weight and burning extra fatty tissues in the body. It gently detoxifies the body, supporting proper nutrition and metabolic function. Improperly digested food creates toxins that coat the digestive tract, inhibiting absorption and leading to the accumulation of fat in the tissues. Lean-Up gently scrapes these toxins from the system while enkindling the digestive fire, allowing proper digestion, absorption and assimilation. In addition, cravings may be tempered, as the body receives the deeper nourishment it needs from proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients. When combined with exercise and proper diet, Lean-Up can help one achieve optimal weight. It naturally promotes healthy metabolism and reduces carbohydrate absorption.It removes “Ama” or the toxic metabolites that accumulate in our body as a result of faulty lifestyle and eating habits. The organic compounds in Lean-Up act as anti-depressants, by releasing serotonin into the body, which is the “satisfaction” or “pleasure” hormone. This can help in losing weight, thus feeling uplifted and encouraged. Lean-Up also has anti-obesity properties, which stimulates fat metabolism and burns excess body fat. It helps the adequate use of the fats in the body by burning it off. and inhibits the production of new fat cells.

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