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Mobi Joint (Joint Pain, Arthritis & Gout)

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Mobi Joint helps in relief from joint pain and reduces stiffness in joints naturally. It lubricates and repairs joints and associated muscles, tissues and bones. It reduces inflammation, improves joint mobility and stops joint degeneration. It provides relief from Gout and Arthritis. Mobi-Joint has been prepared with years of research by experienced Doctors and have been helping Patients for more than 75 years. All the herbs used in it have been clinically researched to relieve Joint Pain effectively.

For Joint Pain, Arthritis & Gout.

100% Natural | 60 Capsules | Herbal Remedy

  Safe and free from side-effects .

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MatsyaVeda Mobi-Joint is the best ayurvedic medicine for Joint pains, Arthritis and Gout. It has no side effects and is safe to use since its prepared from herbs found in nature. It does not contain any heavy metals. Mobi-Joint is made from a combination of 6 herbs that are processed naturally for 3 months to treat the symptoms of Joint pains. It nourishes the joints and body with calcium that gets depleted with age and lack of nutrition. Mobi-Joint has been found helpful in knee pains, frozen shoulder, back pain, and other joints of the body. It reduces pain, swelling and tenderness in the joints making them more flexible.

Buy MatsyaVeda herbal medicine for knee joint pain at our online ayurveda shop. These ayurvedic medicines from the online store are the best home remedies for joint pain relief at best costs. Our online shop provides the best natural supplements that are the best home remedies for arthritis and calcium deficiency.

Mobi-Joint takes 3 months (90 days) for preparation. As per Ayurvedic principles, medicine undergoes several stages of processing in sunlight and shade to increase the efficacy.

Please refer to White Paper with details about Mobi-Joint and published research : Whitepaper_Mobi-Joint

Provides Natural Calcium, Probone Minerals & Phytocomponents For Complete Bone Health

MOBI JOINT is a complete phyto-mineral bone therapy for fractured bones, osteoporotic bones, delayed bone growth and bone mineral deficiency. MOBI JOINT suspension provides superior bone health anti-oxidant which stimulates osteoblasts, the bone building cells. It amazingly neutrilizes free radicals, protects bones & ultimately increases bone density.

MOBI JOINT suspension has been developed on scientific basis of the very latest research to include calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, Zinc supporting botanical extracts which contribute to the maintenance of normal bone health. This special combination contains rich source of calcium from natural source in 4 active forms, Vitamin D naturally derived from olive, which helps in absorption of calcium. Magnesium derived from Jahar mohra is needed for calcium absorption & helps in bone formation. Zinc obtained from Yashad is important for calcium uptake & immune function. Asthishrinkhla an ancient herb has been used since ages for its promising bone healing properties especially in cases of fractures.

Reduces the bone loss & Increases the bone strength

52 reviews for Mobi Joint (Joint Pain, Arthritis & Gout)

  1. Rakesh

    I purchased for my Mother who is 76 years due to Join Pains in her Legs and she could see improvement in 15 days and better in 30 days so there are visible results and she is happy with it.

  2. Ramesh

    Mere jodo ka dard kam ho gaya hai

  3. Saurav

    Good product…my mom was suffering from knee pain…now 60% pain is gone…but do not take on empty stomach…

  4. Amit

    Its a great medicine !

  5. Upendra

    Best for joint pain, must try.
    I bought it for my mom, she cant walk before after taking this capsule she can walk now properly. So she is continuing this capsules.

  6. Tiya

    Purchased it for my mom. She has issues related to the knees and often complains of pain. She’s been using it since 5 days now and feels good. The pain has reduced. I think after using continuously, the effect of the medicine will be fully shown. The packaging was good and it reached me on time. It’s a good product and I’m going to buy it again.

  7. Kiran

    I had tried many supplements for the pain in my left knee, but didnt feel much improvement. Doctor even suggested to go for a surgery. But when my friend mentioned about MobiJoint and how its prepared with 3 months of natural processing, i got curious and gave it a try. I feel the stiffness in my joints have gone away and have more flexibility. Now i can even sit on the floor and easily take the stairs. I am so glad that i am able to avoid the knee operation

  8. Sunila

    literally cured my joint pain 5 star

  9. Mr Nagpal

    Very effective medicine for knee joint pain. It helped me relieve my 1 year old pain in the left knees.

  10. Anu

    I was suffering from sever arthritis pain in my small finger joints. After using this pills for a month I find great relief from pain and stiffness specially at night and am able to sleep without any pain.

  11. Hardeep

    My Wife has suffering from knee pain,
    But after eating this medicine there is no pain now, And it is pure vegative.
    So my Wife a vegetarian too, so I asked her and she is very good. I have got very good medicines,
    Amazing product.

  12. Parth

    What they desribed that is true….

  13. Liza

    It’s a good product. Very helpful for joint patients. I bought for my mom & she feels better after consuming within week

  14. Pradeep

    I was suffering from knee joint problem for 10 years since I had ligament damage. After start taking this I can see pain has gone, I can move my knee freely, no side effects. Worth buying for those who have joint issues.

  15. Ratna

    Very good joint support medicine. It really works. But you have to take it as described in a particular manner. After a constant use you can observe a good result.

  16. Murari

    My wife was having knee pain .She is using 2 pills twice times a day along with 3×3 gms of vitamin C for last one and half month.Her artheritic pain is 90%gone. There is very little pain even in the full moon day. Its very nice product and would strongly recommend for it

  17. Radhika

    I purchased MobiJoint for my mother. She has been suffering from joint pain in her knees and she feels a lot better after apply mobi joint oil and taking this medicine. We will do a complete course of 3 months as the company suggested and lets see how it goes after that, but my mother is really happy so far with the results.

  18. Rohit Aggarwal

    I ordered Mobi Joint Capsules for my mother on a friend’s recommendation and it actually works. My mother has been taking these capsules along with the Mobi Joint Oil for about 3-4 months and there certainly is improvement in her joints. Recently, we went on a vacation and she faced much less pain in her joints after days of walking and climbing stairs, that for a stretch of almost a week.

  19. Baldev

    Very effective medicine..

  20. Ibrahim

    Very good medicine for all types of joint pain. Must buy if you are having pain in your joint. This is very medicine good at this price.

  21. Santosh

    My grandparents like this herbal medicine, this is very helpful for there joint pain.

  22. Manik

    Hamare father kafi khush hai is pack se, unke jodo ka dard mano khatam sa ho gaya hai

  23. Rishu

    Mila dard se chutkara! Amazing product loved it!

  24. Nikarika N.

    My mother who is 56 years of age leads a healthy life but had been complaining of Knee pain for a few months which was growing by the day. I researched about herbal medicine options and came across Mobi Joint which had some promising reviews. I ordered for a bottle to begin with and to see the quality of the product. My mother was actually relieved of pain within 1.5 months and is not on the medication now. This has been a great fixer for us and its been 5 months and the problem has not come back. Thus I am writing the feedback a bit late to actually testify that the product actually fixes the problem at root level and not superficially. Very Happy.

  25. Aashish

    Gifted my GreatGrandpa this on his 88th birthday and he feels really relieved of his pain in bones…. Something really useful for the old ones for the jointss!

  26. Anu

    जोड़ों के दर्द से अब छुटकारा मिला.

  27. Shreya

    My Dadu is 73 years old and suffered from Arthritis from many years. He used to walk before but then he stopped because of the pain. We bought this and he took pills for a month. There is an improvement in him and he’s doing much better now.

  28. Dinesh

    Tried allopathy for long time but only had temporary solution. This has helped me solve my problems. Amazing natural and side effect free product for arthritis.

  29. Sanjeev

    Very effective product it helps to grow cartridge on hip joint I used after my core decompression surgery completely eliminated dependency in painkiller one must also adopt good habbit like mild excercise and Yoga.

  30. Arun

    Mujhe relief mehsoos hori hai mere joint pain ki problem se aur bas 1 hi mahina hua hai isse istemal karke….Thankyou Matsyaveda!

  31. Meenu

    Appears to be effective. In some usage my grand mother is feeling good by taking this. Good product for join pain relief. Good buy.

  32. Vikram

    I am 23 yo and I had pain in my knee cartilage after an infection in the synovial fluid in my knee. I took these pills as prescribed and within 5 days I found a relief in my knee. I would recommend this wholeheartedly.

  33. Gitesh

    this product is used by my father it has really helped him with the joint pain. Highly recommend

  34. Kaku

    Outstanding product – used for my grandmother

  35. Ruhani

    My grand mother who is 72 has has been suffering from Arthritis. I was recommended Mobi Joint by an aunty and I order a 2 month course for my grand mother. She was to go in for a knee surgery which we just postponed trying to give a last shot to herbal medication as last resort was surgery for her. In 2 months of medication, she was deeply relieved of knee pain. She was now able to walk with very less effort and this we continued with her medication for another few months and reached a point where we could avoid her operation. She was much better and does not complain of her knee pain issue now. She leads a regular life and attends social gathering without any movement issue. Mobi Joint worked very well for her and very are extremely thankful for this herbal supplement.

  36. Aarav

    i ordered this for my mother and she is feeling amazing after using these products. must buy for someone suffering from pain.

  37. Deepak

    I have a lower back injury because of heavy deadlifts since over 5 years. It’s just managed with Physio therapy and regular floor exercises. I have tried various joint health supplements and this one really seems like it worked. Though I am being careful not putting pressure and stress over my hips and regularly doing Physio exercises, the pain and discomfort won’t settle. Since I have started taking these tablets twice daily, I feel much better. Will continue taking these!

  38. Shekhar

    About 2 months ago, I started to have very bad pain in my left knee. I wasn’t able to walk more than 3-4 meters without wearing knee support. Finally I got my knee MRI done where I was told that the thickness of my knee cartilage was only 1mm. I was subsequently told by one of the top orthopaedic surgeon that I have early stage of osteo arthritis. That’s when I started desparately searching net for some ayurvedic medicine to provide some relief to my knee pain issues. Finally I found this and I have been taking this for the past more than 2 months. My knee pain has reduced to such an extent that i have joined a gym about a month ago. I am happy to mention that now i am able to do heavy resistance excercise viz. Squat and Deadlift with no knee pain at all. This has definitely worked for me.

  39. Uday

    Great for arthritis pain. Really recommend to everyone

  40. Usha

    I have been a arthritis patient since over 15 years now and this pack has proven to be nothing less than a miracle for me.

  41. Saroj

    oint pain aur arthritis ki problem kam ho gayi hai ab! great product

  42. suraj

    My grandfather use to suffer from joint pain but this medicine is amazing he started using it and he is very reliefed now

  43. Preksha

    Loved it! All my joint pain is gone

  44. Champak

    A perfect combination of medicine to treat arthritis . strongly recommend .

  45. Sushil

    Nice product reduced joint pain stiffness looks like going to use in future again and again

  46. Gurpreet

    Wonderful product of Matsyaveda for arthritis. I strongly recommend

  47. Jasneet

    My mother started taking these capsules as she was suffering from pain in knees. She used this and it really help her and she is satisfied with the results. No more knee pain

  48. Surya

    sometime when I play too long or running too long or workout in gym too long, joint pains comes for day or two. Taking 2 tablet in the night gives good relief and next day you are fine.

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  51. Jyoti

    It’s help to my mom and give relief from knee pains…. After using this she was able to do work actively…. And she is very active tooo….. It’ gives soothing effect to her….. It works effectively…

  52. Donna

    This is a review for Matsya Veda Mobi Joint which I started taking approximately 2 years ago, following a lengthy online search for joint pain relief. I had been suffering from painful knees, hips, lower back and finger joints for some time and wanted an alternative to prescription and OTC chemical pain relief.
    As with most natural health products, it took some time for Mobi Joint to have an effect but once it did, I was able to stop all other pain medication. Work and physical activities were once again something I could look forward to, knowing it would be pain-free. (It’s worth noting that once the pain is managed, I have found a maintenance dose of 1 – 2 capsules a day to be sufficient.) On two occasions I have run out of Mobi Joint (I am in Nz and order from India.) Both times within 10 days I have found myself debilitated with painful stiff joints once again.
    I highly recommend this product, along with the excellent customer service I receive from Natasha at Matsya Veda.

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Each  capsule contains : 
Common NameLatin NameQuantity
HaldiCurcuma Longa Linn312.5mg
ChunaCalcium hydoxide312.5mg
AshwagandhaWithania somnifera dunal31.25mg
AmlaPhyllanthus emblica linn31.25mg
RasnaInula racemosa31.25mg
HarsingarNyctanthes arbor-tritis linn31.25mg


2 capsule in morning and 2 in evening before meal or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Safe for long term use. Non-Habit forming.

How it Works

As we grow old calcium starts depleting from our joints, which is a leading cause of Joint Pain. Due to the current sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits, depletion of calcium is happening earlier in age than expected. Also “Ama” or the toxic metabolites gets accumulated in our body as a result of faulty lifestyle and eating habits, which causes joint pain. And Arthritis develops following inflammation of joints or breakdown of the cartilage cushion present between two bones. An intact cartilage disc acts as cushion and helps in smooth movement of joints while performing actions such as walking, running, bending, etc. However arthritis causes inflammation or the tearing of cartilage and makes the bones to rub against each other. This causes severe arthritis pain and difficulty in moving the joint. Joints that bear weight -- such as your knees, hips, feet, and spine -- are the most common places it affects. It often comes on gradually over months or years. Mobi Joint contains Turmeric that has compound called Curcumin which has Anti-inflammatory, Anti-arthritic and Anti-oxidant properties. It helps in decreasing the level of the enzyme that helps in causing inflammation. In rheumatoid arthritis, the inflamed tissues start degenerating. Turmeric helps in the decrease of degeneration of these tissues and helps relieve pain naturally. MobiJoint also has Limestone that is pure source of calcium for the body. Problems such as Back pain, frozen shoulders, leg pains, Bone fracture, etc can be cured with lime powder. Other herbs in Mobi Joint have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that soothes nervous system to reduce pain and swelling that is associated with inflammation. Mobi Joint has anti cartilage agent that reduces the damage done to the cartilage and helps lubricating the Joints. It also possesses antipyretic properties, which helps in relieving from various body aches and pain. Calcium Carbonate in MobiJoint neutralizes uric acid, which helps in Gout.
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