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Uko Milk (Supports Lactation)

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UKO-MILK is a safe and effective herbal supplement designed to support lactation for nursing mothers. Its powerful action aids in increasing the production of breast milk for mothers suffering from insufficient milk secretion. It has no side effects and can be taken after delivery.

For Lactating Mothers

100% Natural | 60 Veg Capsules | Herbal Remedy

  Safe and free from side-effects .

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UKO-MILK is a safe and effective herbal supplement designed to support lactation for nursing mothers. Its powerful action aids in increasing the production of breast milk for mothers suffering from insufficient milk secretion. It has no side effects and can be taken after delivery.

For Lactating Mothers

100% Natural | 60 Veg Capsules | Herbal Remedy

DB-Care  Safe and free from side-effects .

36 reviews for Uko Milk (Supports Lactation)

  1. Arihanti

    One of my senior blessed with twin daughters a few months back after a long time of marriage. With happiness came the dual responsibility of two children. Believe me, when I saw this product I thought it might help nursing mother and to my amaze they were already taking some home remedies.They were more than happy when I gifted them this. It really helps a nursing mother in lactation, surely better than chemical galactogouges. Highly recommended.

  2. Shashi

    Best in class , it does the job perfectly ,i m glad i cud breastfeed my child so as long as i wanted….definitely recommend 🙏😊
    After 4 months of uses i m putting up this review

  3. Anjali

    When I delivered a baby girl it was very important for me for giving my milk to baby.But it was very difficult as the supply was not sufficient and my baby remained hungry.My mom tried so many things that would be sufficient like eating leafy vegetable and all.I also came across shatavari and tried different powders but when I read about UKO MILK I decided to try this one as it is trusted and tested by others.It was very effective and the milk supply was sufficient as I started having regularly.

  4. Trpti

    Since delivery I was not having enough milk . and one of my friend recommended it for drinking it and it worked wonders. Thanks for such an amazing product . My lil one have enough milk for him now. I have taken 2 bottles till now and will keep on buying till I am lactating and will recommend others as well.

  5. Aakriti

    The product is amazing and has helped me lactate and solve my issues with low milk supply.

  6. Neetu

    Though breast feeding is a natural process but it may become difficult and not as easy as it may sound. However, we have so many products available to us these days that it makes the feeding normal.
    Shatavari is a herb that contains hydrogenates that are beneficial for women’s reproductive system. Shatavari contains trace minerals like zinc, manganese, selenium, potassium, copper, cobalt, calcium, and magnesium that are essential for our bodies. This herb also contains vitamin A and vitamin B, and essential fatty acids.
    Shatavari is a well-known galactagogue. It increases the production of corticoids and prolactin which improve the quality and the amount of breast milk produced by a lactating mother.
    Shatavari is an everyday herbal supplement for women of all ages. It supports a healthy reproductive system, assists in hormonal balance and promotes breast milk supply. Being a natural herb, it takes time to show results. Hence, consume it regularly for two to three days to get significant results.

  7. Swadha

    as i m blessed with new born baby and my wife use to feed it through her milk . we heard of this product and brought it. as mother milk is limited and it needs some nutritions and herbs which is necessary for production of milk and which aids this. this product is very helpful in providing this effect and helps mother in producing good amount of milk so that she can feed baby in good manner. good and safe product with no side effects.

  8. Karuna

    After my 1st baby was born, i struggled a lot with breast milk. I hardly produced sufficient milk for my baby and had to top feed him. But after my second delivery i got to know about UKO MILK which is best herbal supplement to increase breast milk. It not only helped me to increase my breastmilk but also improved my overall health

  9. Chandni

    It is result oriented.
    No side effects.
    Earlier I was taking mother sparsh vardaan. It has also worked in my case. But taste wise UKO MILK is more good..

  10. Himani

    My breastmilk supply is better than before. Apart from the supplement I am taking care of my diet as well.

  11. Sandhya

    A must buy especially for vegetarians mothers who struggle to produce milk. Also it increases our confidence and happiness when u have enough to feed your little one….this positive mindset makes a happy child…

  12. Sweta

    It works wonders. It has definately boosted my milk supply, i can see great difference after using this supplement.
    I have it once a day and now i can express like 2-3 ounces of milk everytime i pump.

  13. Yashi

    The product is amazing and has helped me lactate and solve my issues with low milk supply. I am glad I have this handy with me. I recommend all nursing moms try this if they have supply issues as this is completely safe and natural.

  14. Sanchita

    New moms can now be stress free, I was sceptical about using a supplement but once I used it I was so happy and satisfied, the lactation increased a lot, I could trust my baby’s diet with my feed and my body received the nutrients it requires, I felt less tired and a lot more energetic.

  15. Sangeeta

    I have very low milk supply since my daughter’s birth through c section. Have tried other supplements including streeveda and lactonic granuels but Vardaan have proven to be real boon. Lots of milk production and shorter feeding sessions as baby quality if milk also improved making my baby full sooner.
    Very much thankful to Matsyaveda for this ultimate product.

  16. Nihal

    My wife was struggling with breaksmilk supply for some time and was looking for a natural source of calcium for our baby too. When I came across this ayurvedic lactation supplement I immediately ordered it because it comes from the brand which I trust that is Matsyaveda .Best thing is it is made up of all natural ingredients. it has Shatawar as a main ingredient which considers to be the best supplement to increase the breastmilk supply and after having this she feels the change

  17. Kamala

    I have been ordering this product for the fifth time (monthly once – 2 packs). It’s a great natural product for lactating mothers. Being a new mom, I just did a trial initially upon the reviews and used. I felt satisfied and could see the increase in milk production as baby grows and I have been suggesting my friends as well. One of my friend who is a new mom also benefited out of it. It’s always better to opt for a natural and traditional source instead of going for galact powders or granuels. Moreover, no need to go for formula for your baby. You can use this repeatedly until you feed your baby. Thanks to the product!!!

  18. Disha

    This is a boon to new moms. I was very worried when my milk supply started to drop. I tried this produc. I works wonders. It has super ingredients that really help to boost the milk supply of lactating mothers. It also makes sure to help maintain the calcium levels of the new mom. I feel a lot more energetic and my milk supply has also increased. I am super happy with this product. I happily recommend this product to all the new moms.

  19. Dharmendra

    It certainly works. Bought it for my wife- it helps her regaining the strength and improving lactation. Good for new mothers. It has right nutrients and herbs. Also source of calcium and other imp nutrients.

  20. Dr. Fazia

    This product has changed my life.
    Iv been taking this twice a day and I must say it increases the production miraculously.
    Perfect value for money…
    New moms if you are facing issues in milk production.. I’ll definitely recommend this.

  21. Prerna

    I remember the problems I faced for feeding my son milk supply was less and I was having a tough time. Thats when I found Uko Milk, it just worked wonder for me. My milk supply increased so no more of sleepless night as my baby was never hungry and its true value for money

  22. Rahat

    It is definitely a thumbs up for me. It does increase milk supply, within 48 hours. I could see the difference after 2 days. I am taking it once a day only. It is 100 percent Ayurvedic and natural.

  23. Surbhi

    It absolutely Works.This is the first time I am ever writing a review. This is how good lactation it is. I really find the changes in my breastfeeding

  24. Manoj

    My wife is taking this supplement daily with milk.Taste wise it is good..No side effects. I guess its the best for lactating mothers.

  25. Nithin

    Worked as expected for my wife. Her lactation improved from day 1 of consuming this. No side-effects observed in mother & baby.

  26. Saba

    It’s a must have for all new mothers to be taken with milk to increase milk during laclatation. It has absolutely no side effects and has a very good taste to. Lactation certainly enhances a lot when you drink it with milk.

  27. Pavani

    It’s a boon for breastfeeding…. Really helped a lot… By the end of the first bottle my milk production has been increased… a million thanks to the product…it is the best gift to increase the milk production.. Iam blessed somehow I got to know about this product at the right time which made my motherhood super ☺ happyyyyyyy…..

  28. Bani

    Too good. I would recommend this to all the new mother’s who are in search for a good lactation option. It increases the milk production to almost double. My baby is totally on the breastfeeding after I started using this. Go for it once give a trial at least.

  29. Priya

    Excellent …blindly go for it.. it works .. it increases breast milk supply for sure..

  30. Binni

    I am really happy with the product. It really improved my lactation. It accelarate the production of breastmilk. So i highly recommend for lactating mother to try once to improve their lactation journey.

  31. Alka

    I have tried almost every single lactation supplement and none of them have worked like this. I have been taking 6-8 pills a day trying to increase my supply and didn’t see a noticeable difference. I take of this before bed and its amazing how much more milk I get in the mornings. I have referred this to several of my new momma friends and they have all ordered it a love it.

  32. Shaina

    Amazing results one could see within 24 hours. I used to get around 80-100 ml from one side during early mng pumping. Now in go from one side i got 170 ml at a stretch.

  33. Swathi

    Really an gud product.. I was running low with breast milk supply initially. So on feeding my baby with formula milk she doesn’t likes it.. After using this for 3 days my breast milk supply has improved and I can feed my baby for the whole day.

  34. Tanvi

    Very good product for lactating mother’s, really made a change..consult your doctor / dietician and go for it

  35. Anisha

    Meri 2 month ki baby girl h ..orera milk supply bahut hi kam tha ..jisse muje bahut problem hui mene fourmula milk dia. …but jese hi mene UKO MILK use kia muje 3-4 days me BAHUT hi improvment dikhaa .sach a gud product …Nd i love it …3 pack me order kara chuki hu

  36. Birju

    Amazing product, works as described good lactation after the use of just one bottle. My wife Kept using even after the milk production was good. Don’t see any side effects as yet using over 2 months.

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Each capsule contains : 
Common NameLatin NameQuantity
HaloLepidium Sativum100 mg
ShatawarAsparagus Racemosus100 mg
Giloy Tinospora Cordifolia100 mg
Krishna Jirak Carum Carvi100 mg
KalonjiNigella Sativa50 mg
Soya Peucedanum Graveolens50 mg


1-2 capsules thrice a day or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Safe for long term use. Non-Habit forming. This medicine is for women only and has no side effects

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