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Why is the Milk Produce of cage free cows / buffaloes the best ?

They say the happier the animals are, the better their products are. However, synthetic growth hormones like rBST that are administered to dairy cows for increased production of milk can cause serious harm to human health. According to reports, Massachusetts (USA) conducted a vote recently on a ballot initiative that intends to help increase the space allowed to animals in the industrial food production mechanism.

Usually, the farm animals like cows, hens, and pigs are confined to compact spaces that barely allows them to stretch their limbs, lie down, or even stand. This ballot initiative will allow them to move around freely for a healthy growth. Based on studies conducted in 2003 by the Penn State University, the hens that could graze freely (pastured) laid eggs that were high in vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids compared to the hens in confined spaces.

Therefore, you should consume milk produce derived from cage free cows/buffaloes. Let’s see why:

  • The cows/buffaloes are allowed to roam around free and graze freely in the outdoors instead of being confined to a cage. This naturally makes the animals happy and automatically produce milk that’s healthy.
  • They have continuous access to pasture during the growing season, that is, from the time-period between the average date of the last frost in spring to the average date of the first frost in the fall. This keeps them happy and produce best milk.
  • The cows and buffaloes are kept in an environment that lets them exercise and move around freely making them overall healthy.
  • Being cage-free means the cows are offered the much-needed comfort ensuring good health and physical safety that helps offer superior quality milk to the buyers.
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