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Should farmers require govt license for growing Fruits and Vegetables?

While pharmacies require a license to manufacture medicines, farmers should also hold a govt. license. The primary reason a farmer should require a license to ensure that no hazardous chemicals or fertilizers are used in the process of growing fruits and vegetables, just like pharmacies are barred from using harmful ingredients in the medicines, for instance, steroids. Some may argue that farmers are not so financially strong to use the best of chemicals, however, growth and supply of quality fruits and vegetables is equally important. Hence, it’s on our govt. to financially support the farmers and offer enough resources so that they focus on growing quality fruits and vegetables than taking shortcuts to save on cost. The fact that farmers don’t do so well in India also adversely affect the quality of fruits and vegetables that we consume. The better the fruits and vegetables in quality, the healthier we are. A valid govt. license and ample financial support is all the farmers need to grow quality fruits and vegetables.

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