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Are medicines more important than our daily Fruits / Vegetables / Milk?

If you are buying medicines you would know how carefully the medicines are stored so that we get the best treatment and get well soon. There are umpteen regulations around medicines that is, how they should be stored, under what conditions, etc., however, when it’s about the fruits/vegetables/milk that we consume everyday there are no regulations at all, why?

The food that we eat everyday includes only fruits, vegetables or milk and hence, the quality of these items is much more important than medicines. Eating quality fruits/vegetables/milk on a daily basis will sure better health thereby, restricting the use of medicines. However, most of the produce these days are contaminated with germs, bacteria and even harsh chemicals and so, the overall quality is neglected to the max. There should be stricter regulations to curb the use of harmful chemicals, the way the fruits or vegetables are stored, and the way the milk is produced to ensure that these are free of bacteria and germs. This will automatically ensure a healthy life free of medicines.

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