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treat piles both bleeding and non-bleeding piles naturally using ayurveda

Natural cure for both bleeding and non-bleeding piles

Piles is a painful condition that no one wants to suffer from. Reportedly, around 75% of the US and Europe citizens are affected with enlarged veins around the anus that are either found internally or externally and are known as haemorrhoids. Another study reports that over 50% of the population is affected with piles.

Piles can be treated at home with natural medicines for both bleeding and non-bleeding piles, unless it’s serious with heavy bleeding or if there’s an infection. Let’s see how we can cure it naturally, at home.

Identify the cause

There can be many reasons that can lead to piles that includes consumption of hot spices such as, too much of chillies, mustard, or pepper, constipation leading to straining at stool, over consumption of caffeinated drinks like coffee, increased stress levels, obesity, etc.

Natural medicine for both bleeding and non-bleeding piles

  1. Avoid laxatives as it can become a habit. Make dietary changes, or drink lots of water to stimulate bowels.
  2. Use natural astringents like witch hazel that soothes the inflated veins, reduces itching, and lessens the soreness of the haemorrhoids.
  3. Cold compress is another best natural medicine for both bleeding and non-bleeding piles. It helps the enlarged hemorrhoids to reduce in size.
  4. Baby wipes instead of harsh toilet papers, applying wet tea bags or almond or olive oil, or taking a sitz bath are among the other great natural home remedies for piles.

In addition to the above remedies, you can also take herbal supplements from a reputed brand as a medicine for both bleeding and non-bleeding piles. So, take care of your diet, make use of natural remedies, get right supplements and be healthy.

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7 thoughts on “Natural cure for both bleeding and non-bleeding piles

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