Relieve Teething Babies From Pain Using Natural Remedies


Teething babies- signs of teething and natural remedies to relieve pain

What Role does Natural Remedies Play in Teething Babies?

Baby teething is a crucial time for both the baby and the parents. While for some babies the entire process is extremely smooth, for some it can be really challenging. For these babies teething is a painful process and worst still, they cannot even express their pain in words. So, how do you deal with teething babies using natural remedies?

Firstly, we should know more about baby teething..

A baby usually develops its first two teeth when he/she is between 6 to 8 months of age. One of the teeth is the upper central incisor and the other one is lower central incisor. The incisors on the sides appear after 2 months of the appearance of the lower and the upper incisors, the canines appear after 4 months and the 2nd molars are seen 6 months after the canines are seen.

Now, that you know when the teeth start appearing, you can help your baby with its pain and discomfort accordingly.

Baby teething symptoms

  • The gums can be tender swollen or red at the spot where the new tooth seem to develop.
  • The sleeping pattern of the babies may be disturbed or they appear fussy and restless.
  • At the side where the tooth is appearing, the cheek may appear red or flushed.
  • Spitting and drooling becomes more common in babies during this time.
  • Appearance of facial rashes, disinterest in solid foods, tendency to chew on objects or rubbing the gums, discomfort in the ear on the side where the tooth is emerging leading the baby to tug on their ears, etc. are some of the signs that your baby is teething and he/she is in discomfort.
  • Teething babies tend to suffer with indigestion leading to diarrhea.

You can help them with different natural remedies like feeding on cold foods, letting them chew on rubbery teething toys, gentle massage of your baby’s gums with a sterile wet cloth, distracting them by making them play with new toys, or by treating them with pain relievers prescribed by doctors. Ayurveda can be really helpful at this time, as it offers herbal products for baby teething that targets to reduce the discomfort while helping them with overall growth.

So, treat your baby holistically for their teething concerns using Ayurvedic medicines and help them grow healthy.



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