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CALCI FIX (Calcium Supplement)

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CALCI FIX is a natural source of calcium that strengthens and rejuvenates bone tissue. It supports healthy joints and promotes normal bone growth and density.

Calcium Supplement

100% Natural | 60 Capsules | Herbal Supplement

DB-Care  Safe and free from side-effects .



CALCI FIX is a natural source of calcium that strengthens and rejuvenates bone tissue. It supports healthy joints and promotes normal bone growth and density.

Calcium Supplement

100% Natural | 30 Capsules | Herbal Supplement

DB-Care  Safe and free from side-effects .

29 reviews for CALCI FIX (Calcium Supplement)

  1. kriya

    In our day- to – day life what we intake in our meal is not sufficient to meet the requirement of our body. SO, here is Calcium Supplement which fulfills the need of calcium in our body. I recently bought it and taking it on daily basis and i must it has a good effect on our body.

  2. Vishal

    A product that is part of daily essential and helps in maintaining calcium for bone health. This calcium capsules are very useful . It also helps pain relief and have been feeling great ..

  3. Rani

    If you are suffering from calcium deficiencies, these tablets will prove to be very helpful. I was suffering from leg cramps and weakness. And I can see the difference in few days of its consumption. And the best thing about these tablets are, they are purely vegetarian

  4. Vikrant

    Good calcium supplement.

  5. Prashant

    Its been a week, i am taking this tablet and it is worth.Can be taken on regularly basis for betterment for your health

  6. Rahul

    Best and easy way to consume daliy required calcium for body,not a single side effects for this tablet

  7. Tanay

    While going for marketing job ky legs use to pain daily at night . After taking these there is a big relife to me . I can feel a good strength in myself and less pain at night . I Highly recommend this for bone health

  8. Neha Parikh

    This is a very good daily doze of Calcium supplement. I have been taking it now for over a year.

  9. Venkat

    Wonderful product I have seen it before. So good result in less days only. Best pain reliefer from any pain and gives immunity power too.

  10. Roshan

    I ordered this for my grandfather as he was having joint and bones problem.
    It’s really good to consume the capsule are easy to swallow too

  11. Shobhit Nagpal

    I got a wrong batch of bottle as the capsules were melted but the company was prompt enough to offer me a replacement. Will try and see what it is like.

  12. Koushik

    Wife used to complain daily during nite about leg pain kind of ticking slight pain.. She’s healthy in weight n working for ngo so has to walk a lot… Tablets worked n she has relief… Consume the tab religiously.. Skipping dose wont help.

  13. Rakesh

    Plant based calcium is good for, the healthy growth of calcium. It gives relief from the pain. Happy on purchasing it. Recommended to all.

  14. Bansal

    Finally a solution to my bone ache.
    This supplement has been a vaccine for people like me who have weak bones and don’t like drinking milk.

  15. Rajesh

    It helped me with my knee heal , after surgery my knee pains alot and this product helped me ease my knee pain

  16. Manisha

    This is the best dietary supplement you would ever get.If you are looking for the best dietary supplement it is the best choice for you.It is also useful for vegeterians as it is made from plant products. Definitely a must buy

  17. Reema

    It’s a great product. I have been using this for more than a week, I am happy with the results. I am pure vegetarian, this is the best option that I found in the market.

  18. Sumit

    Everyone should use these plant based calcium tablets… Me and my family using it from many days. It is very good and easy to consume.

  19. Arvind

    Provides strength to the bones of the body. Very effective product. Its benefits after using it have been amazing.

  20. Abhi

    Very good source of calcium . I helps in muscle support,joints support and bones support.

  21. Akshay

    I’m satisfied with the results , it’s only been one month since I started using this product and I can see the results already

  22. Jassy

    Good Quality calcium tablets, I have used this product for last five days,
    Organic calcium tablets no smell or side effects, easy to Use, and tastes good
    I can feel much better after I used this tablet, I highly recommended this product.

  23. Anuj

    I most like this supplement because it’s plant is helpful to maintain good level of CAL. and so that helps in joint as well as for muscles. And also there’s not any bad small.

  24. Charan

    This is a well good suppliment. We should use it after breakfast or after excercise but not in empty stomach. This is easy to consume. No bad smells, it is good for bones

  25. Ishan

    My mother is taking these from last 10/12 days.
    She is feeling better in joints pain.
    Also she is feeling energetic throughout the day

  26. Vishu

    This is a great product which helps the body to overcome calcium deficiency without any side affects, as it is a made up of natural ingredients, I highly recommend this to everyone.

  27. Uday

    I loved this capsules very much and fully satisfied with the performance of these capsules. It gives better immunity and joint support to me. I am using it from last 3 weeks and now i saw it performance very good.

  28. Manideep

    Nice product, I have never used it. It works really great in 10 days only. My immunity and stamina was improved and am satisfied with the product.

  29. Rani

    Better way of intaking calcium than others because it is plant based. Best thing no glueten or any non vegetarian thing is used.

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Turmeric, Coral, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Arjuna, Hathjod


1 capsules in morning and 1 capsules in evening or as directed by your physician.
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