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FEM FLO (Overall Women Health)

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FEMFLO supports overall women health. It detoxify the body, boost immunity and improve strength and vitality. FEMFLO supports regular and healthy menses, maintains optimal balance of hormones and promotes good mood levels.

For Overall Women Health

100% Natural | 60 Capsules | Herbal Supplement

DB-Care  Safe and free from side-effects .

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FEMFLO supports overall women health. It detoxify the body, boost immunity and improve strength and vitality. FEMFLO supports regular and healthy menses, maintains optimal balance of hormones and promotes good mood levels.

For Overall Women Health

100% Natural | 60 Capsules | Herbal Supplement

DB-Care  Safe and free from side-effects .

45 reviews for FEM FLO (Overall Women Health)

  1. Anupam

    My sister is like it. It’s usage benifits are below relief from lazyness, weakness and feel energetic and little help to stress relief.

  2. Dhani

    ordered it immediate for my mother. After taking for 2 weeks, she said that some how her sleeping get improved and feeling a bit energetic than earlier .
    So, wil stick for this for future too

  3. Ghosh

    I am taking this tablets almost one and half month.I didnt got any side effects from this.Its keeps me energetic.I will highly recommend.

  4. Aditi

    Dunno how but this thing helps. My periods are on time. I did workout, Coz i am PCODic and giving up on workout is giving up on life.
    I will recommend this. Like blindly go for it. I am sharing only 2 months result with you all. Do not quit. You will see results in a month itself.

  5. Chetna

    I didn’t get my period for 2 months and as I didn’t want to take allopathic medicine I ordered this product. After using it for 1.5 month I got my period without any pain. As it is Ayurvedic medicine you’ll not see 100% results in one use and they have mentioned it also for good results try it for 3-4 months.

  6. Sharma

    I had a problem of pcod and getting my periods late. And tried many drinks medicines and whatnot. But then, of course, I need to try this too and I tried it and you won’t believe the changes I saw. My blood circulation become normal , the cycle started to change and I feel less pain now.

  7. Shipu

    I’ve been using this supplement for over 3 months now and I have to say that this has really helped in regularising my period.
    Ofcourse it’s an amalgamation of a lot of lifestyle changes. I read up on a lot of food choices that help in pcos. I drink this with a glass of warm water everyday. But I also have cut down on carbs and increased more fibre in my diet

  8. Anisha

    This is third one which I’m ordering. Already completed two files. First I thought it’s not gonna work and I’ve quitted after 1 month. But I’ve got my periods ( I never get it normally before 3-4 months) between 2 months.
    Next cycle I’ve got within 1 month and 10 days.
    This have gave me hope! Just give it a try

  9. Suk

    I was going through a hormonal imbalance. Irregular periods, painful cramps etc. since the day I started FemFlo in my daily diet, I could see a visible difference. Not only this, it makes me feel stronger, with more energy and also helped improve my digestion.
    I would recommend it to all girls !

  10. Snaisha

    I got my sister FEM FLO Tablets to help her with fatigue issues. She could feel a noticeable difference. Her energy level has been improved well. Since then, she is using it as a daily supplement. This even helped with subsiding pain during the menstrual cycle. Even my mother is taking it. She doesn’t have any symptoms of gas and constipation which she usually gets. Instead, her stamina has been improved.

  11. Seema

    Well aftr a 3 months I m writing a review… It works… I dint bloat like a potato.. I used to eat healthy but it never properly was absorbed by my body.. So very satisfied with d product.. It does work

  12. priti

    I was not at all sure that it will work because earlier I’d tried all the possible herbal remedies for my PCOD. I had tried homeopathy to allopathy but nothing worked. I was suffering from bleeding/spotting regularly without having my dates & due to this my hemoglobin level got so down. My weight was constantly increasing. I thought to try Femflo & trust me my bleeding stopped in a month & I got my periods after that. I’m also surprised to see results. I’m so happy it worked & definitely recommeding to all who are suffering just give it a try.

  13. Shruti

    Using it from a month now and definitely can see a difference. It is helping my skin to get clear I had a lot of acne because of PCOS and it is helping me in my period problems too. Not a drastic difference in my period problems but yes it does help me a little so I’m going to continue it for a few months to get a satisfied result. And I with this started exercise and diet too.

  14. Kareena

    This product has left me in awe. I used to have extremely painful periods nad such supreme mood swings. Having this twice. Thisy has decreased the cramps to the extent that I can bear it without any painkillers and the mood swings have improved incredibly. This has been a life changer. Will definitely purchase it regularly!

  15. gauri

    This my 2nd bottle,I have hormonal imbalance problem so,I didn’t get regular periods.but this powder slowly sloves my irregularity last 2 months I got periods.. I’m sooo happy with this product

  16. priya

    This product is really amazing .it removes all the impurities from within a best vegan and herbal product . I could see difference in my skin and as well feels much health

  17. Shubhangi

    I have pcos problem …bcoz of this I had slanty period …also I had harmonal imbalance…I had started using Femflo since 2 months …and believe me it’s amazing …girls if you have such problem plz go for it without any doubts…it’s like miracle ..also I have started losing my weight …I have stopped all my medicine …stared living healthy lifestyle also include exercise…and result is wonderful..

  18. Kalpana

    I have PCOD and had anemia with low stamina. Couldn’t work out for even 10 minutes.
    After taking this tablet:
    -My stamina improved
    -constipation cured
    -Anaemia completely gone.
    -It is especially helpful in easing pain during excessive blood loss in monthly cycles. I had that issue going on with excessive cramping.

  19. Isha

    I must say Femflo worked as a miracle for me. Within 2-3 weeks of its consumption . I can see visible result in my skin, my acne and excessive facial hair was gone and my mestural cycle is back on the track

  20. Anita

    From the last few months I’m suffering from pcos problems and bcz of this I didn’t get the irregular period but also got so many pimples on my face nd I totally get worried about my face more than my period problems so finally one day i saw an advertisement on insta than i read the review of this product than i thought to try it for once than i used it regularly in day time with lukewarm water and than I’ve seen the results within 18 days nd trust me guy’s this time i got a healthy period on time nd I can see the difference on my face also .

  21. Sanjukta

    I saw the difference after 15 days of its use,you need li’l bit patience the product is overall good

  22. Parthi

    The product has definitely helped in managing my PCOS… My periods haven’t gotten regular, but there has been improvement in cramps, and overall discomfort…

  23. Shehnaz

    Best for the women and girls suffering from Pcos. It helps to get remove all the impurities from our body and also make our skin acne free. It’s good for both skin and reproductive health. It’s taste and smell is also good.

  24. Twinkle

    The product is super awesome for PCOS problem.
    It also helps in weight management and skin issues.
    The packaging is super Amazing and the smell and taste is also good
    Must try Product for menstrual problems

  25. Parul

    i just love this product. this is so awesome trust me girls it works. if u take it regularly early morning it will definitely work. work for me super well i got my cycle on time. am happy with this product.

  26. Sameeksha

    It’s a must having supplement for every girl. My favorite companion for maintaining my hormonal balance and a fit body.

  27. gunjan

    It’s an awesome way to defeat PCOS . I consumed this and did a lil exercise and within 10 days I get the result. I was suffering from it since last 4 months

  28. Shanaya

    It works as wonders, I like the product, I never thought it would work so quick on my body, took for 3days and I’m relieved, I got my periods after 3months, I’m happy. Thumbs up. It really helps, give a try.

  29. Neetu

    I was suggested to include a multivitamin in my diet as it has now become an essential and I was a PCOD patient too.
    There are so many different multivitamins available.
    researched and asked my doctor before getting this and it is one of the best
    This is my 4th bottle and I have also been giving this to my mom and she has seen visible results in her:
    energy levels,
    constipation being cured,
    Lessen hairfall
    No dizziness and overall a boost to her regular energy.

    For me after taking this for a month I could see results
    – Improved Sleep
    – Better Stamina
    – Rise in my Energy
    – Improved Digestion
    – Menstural Cramps during periods were less

  30. Kiya

    Best supplement for Female.
    It’s benefits :
    1- Less Hunger
    2- Helps in weight loss
    3- Improve Memory
    4- Complete all vitamins requirement of body
    5- Good for health

  31. Kannu

    I am using it from 15 days .. my face appearance looking better ..
    Don’t sure about actual results
    Hope for better results after using 🤘

  32. Zoya

    It is a very helpful product, if you are searching for a cure to amenorrhea, this would work. At first, I didn’t really trust but then as I started to use many other products along with a diet plan, it worked and my weight reduced easily.

  33. Bhupinder

    My wife is using it for 6 months and it helps her to come over fatigue.
    Great product with good affordable price

  34. Panchal

    I was suffering from PCOS and came to know about the product, it works like magic no side effects, go for it

  35. Tisha

    It’s my third time I am buying this product and it has proved very beneficial for me.A must try for those who are suffering from PCOS.

  36. Sangeeta

    Very good and rejuvenating

  37. Prabha

    purchased this for my mother. She has been using it for more than 10 days in a row. It is really helpful in fulfilling all the deficiencies that are present in the body. the contents are as per the requirements of a female, hence this is especially for females

  38. prathna

    This capsules is only for nutrition for women. It is an effective one a day supplement scientifically formulated for during and after menopause. It helps in regulation of hormones and also helps to keep the heart healthy.

  39. Dimple

    Good product for supplements. Very good combination, rarely available in other brands

  40. Ashi

    Being doctor I can tell you that it has very good components that are essential for Indian women you must buy it and use it daily thank you

  41. Shakti

    Hi all.i an suffering from delayed period for last 2 days after using this product for 20 days am getting my cycle back within 30 days.i recommend this product who all are suffering from irregular periods. Good result.

  42. Swarna

    Girls! Get ready to defeat pcos with diet.. I Highly recommend ths product to all pcos women.. Don’t think so much. Jzt order it

  43. Kamal

    Mujhe is product se bahut fayda Hua Hai main PCOD se Pichhle 8 Sal se pareshan thi Mujhe 1 month Hua Hai Isko lete hue finally ab mujhe kuchh Achha lag raha hai.

  44. Reshu

    The capsule is easily swallowable and the composition has all the vital elements needed for healthy metabolism and working of Female Hormonal system!

  45. Micky

    I have been consuming this tablets since one week. I feel energetic for whole day. I sleep well and there is no constipation. No complication as per my observation. I love this product. I delayed to review this because I wanted to write my honest experience about this product. Go for it.

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It is a blend of more than 20 herbs.


As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules once or twice daily or as recommended by your Healthcare Consultant

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