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FIX O PILE (For Piles)

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FIX O PILE helps to shrink the pile mass, relieves pain and itching. Its helpful in both bleeding and non-bleeding piles, and both internal and external hemorrhoids. It improved digestion and removes constipation, which is the main cause of Piles.

For Piles

100% Natural | 60 Capsules | Herbal Supplement

DB-Care  Safe and free from side-effects .



FIX O PILE helps to shrink the pile mass, relieves pain and itching. Its helpful in both bleeding and non-bleeding piles, and both internal and external hemorrhoids. It improved digestion and removes constipation, which is the main cause of Piles.

For Piles

100% Natural | 60 Capsules | Herbal Supplement

DB-Care  Safe and free from side-effects .

34 reviews for FIX O PILE (For Piles)

  1. Tara

    I like this piles medicine, this is the second time I used, of course better than any other available medicine for piles

  2. Nasrul

    15 years old piles almost gone in 30 days
    Fix o pile capsule help me a lot to pass stool easlly and no effort

  3. Sanjay

    I am suffering from piles since last 12 yrs. It almost reached the last stage. I got the operation done, but it was of no use. It irrupted again. I had terrible itching too. Then I came to know about this wonderful product, that is Fix O Pile. I bought this 14 day course and believe me, it is a great product. There is almost 50% relief

  4. sukrit

    When I came to know about
    the piless at the very first stage then I searched the remedy in the Google and found it and I ordered it through Amazon. And I got my first stage piles totally cured after having used it.

  5. Iqbal

    After suffering from four long years of heamaroid piles and applying different medicines ,finally I found the Best effective and perfect medicine that cures my piles.. It shows it’s effect withing a three days bleeding,no eatching .I strongly recommend to buy this medicine if you have a long years piles problems and tired of using different medicines and ointments.. value for money and health

  6. yadav

    It’s my 4th day of use, Bleeding got stopped, still using it. Hope it will work. Overall looks like promising results.

  7. Kamal

    Hi everyone I’m kamal Singh from Sonbhadra Uttar Pradesh. I was suffered with piles from 2 year and I had treated it with all methods like operation medicine etc. But I had no benefit by these treatments.
    One day I saw Fix O piles ad on website and I ordered it. Believe me on first day it’s begin start healing and I used complete pack of this medicine for 2 months and it completely healed my piles.

  8. Sudhakar

    I suggest to those people who suffering from piles may try this medicine once …..if this medicine not works they should money back so don’t worry about it …this is ayurved medicine there is no harmful ……

  9. Dheeraj

    Very good product. I have completed first dose and reduce blooding and swelling. Expert advise me to take a course again and watch for better result. I have demanded it again.

  10. Kailash

    After trying so many products i found this the most effective product. It really work and i like this product

  11. Madhu

    It’s a very good product… My mother had been suffering for more than 10yrs and now it’s completely cured

  12. Radha

    FIX O PILE helped me avoid an unnecessary operation with effective medicines. No side effects whatsoever.

  13. Harun

    I was diagonsed with piles last month and did not want to go under any surgery. I have used this product for 1 month now and have not faced any side effect.

  14. lucky

    I was talking allopathic medicine for piles since last 2 years, now I tried this ayurvedic medicine and it worked very well

  15. dipti

    Best medicine for piles if you dont want to go under surgeory. It has helped me to ease the pain and i dont have to go under any surgeory. its been 2 months i have used this product.

  16. Sanjay

    Used for a week now. Definitely reduced the piles (haemorrhoid) and given me relief. Very good. Also reduced gastric.

  17. Shekhar

    After completion of one bottle I am writing this review. First few days i didn’t find any change. After one week I found relief from pain and from constipation. It’s useful for those who have piles and constipation.

  18. Sai

    Way too effective product for piles. Started seeing the results in a week. No tension of any reaction as it has pure herbs.

  19. Sid

    These capsules are very effective and easy to use. I have used several medicines, but couldn’t get relief. And my piles problem got serious day by day. Then my family doctor recommend me these capsules. I’ve been using these capsules from the past 3 months and I’m relieved.

  20. nikhil

    The product worked well for my Father.
    He has been suffering from piles.
    He did started taking this tablet 4-5 days ago and he got awesome results.
    It stopped bleeding and helped reducing the pain.
    It’s so effective.
    I sure recommend this to piles patient

  21. raj

    I do not have any words about this magical medicine… fissure is cured I’m very happy .

  22. Ibrahim

    Truly god designed formulation. I have been suffering from bleeding piles for the last 20 years. Whenever it starts bleeding, I start having tender coconut water in the morning, followed by routine meals and homeopathy medication. I apply hadensa cream and somehow my piles used to subside. But this time around it kept on bleeding for months. I almost made up my mind to undergo surgery. Just felt I should give this product a try and it worked wonderfully. I am absolutely relieved. I am not taking anything else expect applying the hadensa cream. Today ordered 2 more bottles and this is how I am planning to complete total course. To the manufacturers of this medicine thanks a lot.

  23. Anant

    Bought this for my servant who was suffering from piles problems. Surprisingly her every day complaints have stopped and I believe she is all fine. I have suggested her to do complete 3 months course. Herbal works.

  24. Pandey

    Great product.
    It heals the illness by correcting digestion and stomach related product.
    You will find this magic medicine effect after 5 days to 7 days of regular consumption with empty stomach and in early morning.
    If suffering from piles and huge pain then initially take nuemesulide with metrogyl and dalton 500. Apply cream also.
    But this herbal medicine will save you from surgery.

  25. Raman

    Believe me this is a magical medicine
    I have taken this medicine for proper 90days as advised
    Within one month the pain and all related problem will be vanished
    But have to follow how it is instructed by medicine provider
    For 90 days avoid spicy food & non veg (stop consuming alcohol & stop smoking)
    Add fibre food and keep your body well Hydrated

  26. Purbita

    This is really a good product, if you will follow it with proper diet & avoiding spices n chillies alcohol etc .This will going to help you magically, I m writing this review after 2 month course & ordered 3rd also for complete therapy.This is the good alternative for bleeding piles & fissure cases wrt allopathy & homeopathy as well.
    It’s a true value for money in case your piles is under grade 2 only or up to some extent started phase of 3 only..

  27. Roma

    This product is very effective.
    The claim made in this product is true.
    I am writing this review after using this product for 1.5 months.

  28. Mundhar

    This product is wow
    Just go for it..
    The result is awesome
    Got relief just in 4 days

  29. sunil

    The product is very good. It got relieved in my piles in all natural way. This is pure ayurvedic. Will recommend to everyone who got piles.

  30. Pawan

    The results started to show after taking the medicine for 3 4 days only and kept on improving day by day..

  31. Anil

    Very effective product. Itching and pain is no longer there. feel very good after use this product

  32. Sanjuli

    I m using since 28 days getting good result till now hope after 42 days it gives best result

  33. Sagar

    Best product for piles pls choose this product who have suffering piles disease

  34. nitesh

    Nice product
    Stops bleeding and very helpful in controlling piles

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Harida, Trikatu, Aloe Vera, Nagkeshar, Rock Salt, Lemon


2 capsules empty stomach in morning and 2 capsules in evening or as directed by your physician.
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