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ReliMind (Calm Mind & Positive Thinking)

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MatsyaVeda RELI-MIND helps relax mind deeply by calming emotions like worry, fear, anxiety. The herbs used have natural antidepressant effect. It boosts self confidence and support good sleep, better concentration levels, healthy mood levels and clear decision making.

For Calm Mind & Better Thinking.

100% Natural | 60 Capsules | Herbal Remedy

  Safe and free from side-effects .

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MatsyaVeda RELI-MIND helps relax mind deeply by calming emotions like worry, fear, anxiety. The herbs used have natural antidepressant effect. It boosts self confidence and support good sleep, better concentration levels, healthy mood levels and clear decision making.

37 reviews for ReliMind (Calm Mind & Positive Thinking)

  1. puneet

    Good product. I’ve been using it from 1 month and results are positive.

  2. Anu

    Wow very nice product very soothing nd refreshing feels great 👍❤️Love 💖 this supplement it’s great 👍

  3. Gopal

    I am a great fan of this product. I am been using it continuously for last 4 months.There is no need to worry. Just have 1 tablet everyday before sleeping. My stress has gone down a lot. Like cut down to 50 to 60 percent.

  4. binit

    Wasn’t expecting too much, day 2 , and i am already calm, bit drowsy, but really really calm. Still have to wait it out and see to know the full potential, could be a placebo effect as well. Will keep you posted.

  5. Sachin

    One of the best ever product you can find it in India. A perfect composition that your body needs for , all ingredients used here are safe and secure to consume. Please go for it and get maximum benefits

  6. Lalit

    I have been using this almost for a month, noticing changes in stress levels, getting a very sound sleep which also is improving other aspects of my health. Many thanks!!

  7. Gautam

    The product is by good and it was also nicely packed and timely delivery which I liked best. I will try this and I hope this will surely give benefits.

  8. Mukesh

    My sister is cancer patient and doctor suggested them to take this medicine.very helpful she is feeling improvement with this

  9. Desai

    helps with anxiety, stress and low testosterone and insomnia.
    would suggest to take it with milk at night.

  10. Shiv

    I take one tablet at night for better sleep and body strength after workout. Hope it works.

  11. Himang

    Very good products…results can be experienced within 15-20 days.. continoulsly using myself from last 7 months recommended to many of my clients…go for it.

  12. Ashish

    given the current situation I really wanted something to help manage stress, this is safest bet available and I would strongly recommend.

  13. KK

    Very effective product. Taking since last month. I am experiencing benefits in sleep and stress. Will buy again.

  14. Naman

    I have already used this product this product twice, its easy to swallow and good for my health. I already saw results in a month. Love the packaging too

  15. Sajal

    Using it since 2 days only still can see a lot of improvement in my sleep and reduction in stress. One of the few genuine product that really works. Highly recommended

  16. Rani

    It a good product as it provides lots of muscle strength and it enhanced my mind ability . However, its a supreb product go fot it without any second thoughts.

  17. sneha

    My manager recommended this product to me. I have trouble sleeping because of work stress. Anyway with work from home, there is never proper office timings so my sleep time was affected.

    I’ve noticed with this product, I’m calmer at night before sleep and I fall asleep more easily

  18. Diksha

    This is an excellent product. A must buy, boosts immunity and a natural way to deal with anxiety issues.

  19. Salil

    A superb product because if its great quality and an extraordinary nutrients it has.

  20. Gaurav

    Keeps me fresh and in a good mood for the entire day. Helps me keep my brain calm and relaxed and body energetic and active. Also, gives me more energy and keeps me more active during my workout regime. I am happy and satisfied with the product completely.

  21. Karishma

    Due to personal proffesional life my there was too much stress and it was out of control. I tried allopitec and it gave me side effects. I wanted some solution with no side effect and across this product. My stress level has decreased now and I am getting good amount of sleep.

  22. Sakshi

    Pills has good combination of ingredients.
    Regular usage will show good results

  23. Dhaval

    I used to have a lot of stress because of my corporate job. With Relimind I am so calm now and doing very well at work. Highly recommended.

  24. Ravi

    Very effective. Notes along with the product is also very useful.
    It is helping me in my days of extreme stress and exams. I am more relaxed and get better sleep

  25. Falguni

    Good pills for stress and anxiety relief.
    It gives quick relief and helps in getting good sleep. Highly recommended!!

  26. Raghav

    Received the product on time. Good packaging and authenticated the product.
    Trying this pills for last 4 days, not noticeable improvement.

  27. Chanchal

    Relimind has helped me with my anxiety and hypertension. I am now leading a good and better social life

  28. Vineet

    It gives relief from tension and helped me get a sound sleep. Overall good product

  29. Vidya

    I don’t feel stressed or anxious any longer.

  30. Manoj

    Get good relaxation, good sleep with less tension

  31. Neelam

    If you are taking 4 tablets before bedtime, then this product would be effective for anti-stress

  32. Arpan

    As said it starts to show result after 3 weeks. It’s now more than a month. I get a good sleep.

  33. Jerry

    I find it very useful for stress

  34. Yadu

    Anxiety no more after 1 month .

  35. Lala

    Yes this product is upto mark.Really worked on stress.

  36. Sonu

    This really made me more relaxed. I had a nice and sound sleep.

  37. Niraj

    Price is very less compared to other brand. Packaging is good and timely delivery. I must recommend this product to family and friends.

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Vacha, Shankhpuspi, Brahmi, Malkangani, White Pepper, Walnut, KhusKhus, Ashwagandha, Jatamansi


2 capsules before meal twice a day or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Safe for long term use. Non-Habit forming.

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