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SUKERO (Advanced Diabetes Management) contains herbs that helps in effective management of both Type I and Type II Diabetes by controlling Sugar levels naturally. It also helps to normalize energy levels in body. SUKERO has been prepared with years of Research by experienced Doctors and have been helping Patients for more than 75 years. All the herbs used in it have been clinically researched to control Diabetes effectively.

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MatsyaVeda SUKERO is the best ayurvedic medicine for naturally controlling diabetes. It has no side effects and is safe to use since its prepared from herbs found in nature. It does not contain any heavy metals. SUKERO is made from a combination of 14 herbs that are processed naturally to treat the symptoms of Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes. Patients should avoid sweets and fatty meals, and should exercise regularly. SUKERO herbal supplement improves overall health of Diabetic patient and protect vital organs of the body.

Buy MatsyaVeda herbal medicine for diabetes at our online ayurveda shop. These ayurvedic medicines from the online store are the best home remedies at best costs. Our online shop provides the best ayurvedic supplements that are the best home remedies for diabetes.

SUKERO takes 21 days for preparation. As per Ayurvedic principles, medicine under goes under 7 stages of Bhavana (lavigation) to increase the efficacy.





  1. Sunil

    I found that this produce is very useful for pre diabetic after taking 7-8 days dose the fasting sugar level reduce from 122 to 94 I am taking continue now.

  2. Rajat

    My doctor had told me to take a bitter gourd supplement. I showed him this and he spoke to their representative also. Been having this alongside insulin. Keeping things in check and also improving my energy levels and urine urge.

  3. Jhalak

    Using it for the last 3 months and this product really really works. My fasting is now between 90 to 110, earlier it always remained above 140. Happy with Sukero.

  4. SPdas

    I have been using this for more than a year now and happy to share that this is an excellent product to control blood sugar and diabetes.

  5. Ekta

    I am takiing 2 tablets before breakfast and 2 tablets before launch since 05.12.20. To day (21.01.2021) after checking I found that my blood sugar (fasting) became normal (80). I will continue it.

  6. sandhya

    I ordered it for my grandmother as she has problem of fluctuating blood sugar levels. She is taking Sukero since past 2 months and now her blood sugar level is balanced.

  7. Haresh

    I ordered it for my grandmother as she has problem of fluctuating blood sugar levels. She is taking gluco guide since past 2 months and now her blood sugar level is balanced.

  8. Mishti

    Received well packed, latest date mfd. very reasonable price.
    will use and if effective, will certainly buy regularly !

  9. kashyap

    These tablets were highly recommended by our family physician. He says Sukero can completely reverse diabetes if used for a couple of years. My mother has been taking two Sukero tablets twice a day now, in addition to her regular insulin shots. The initial effects are barely noticeable as Sukero is not an aggressive therapy for diabetes. The tablets are very mild but are said to be very effective after months of consumption.

  10. Vinay

    My father is suffering from type 2 diabetes. He started using this and the results were shown in a good way. It is side effect free product and Diabetic patients can use it. It is beneficial and will never harm the pancreas or any other body part.

  11. Niki

    I bought Sukero for my mom, who’s not a diabetic but on borderline high sugar. Having used it for 2 months now, I can surely say it’s worked very well for her! While she still has cravings for heavy portions, but it’s a lot more regulated after taking Sukero. She has now made it a ritual to take a cap everyday! Will strongly recommend this to people even with borderline diabetes!

  12. Khemchand

    I used for diabetes. I have used Diabaplus for 4 months (before i started BGR34) alongwith Glimez-duo2. The sugar levels were around 130/160.
    I am using Sukero for past 40 days, now the glucose levels are 107/130.
    I now reduced allopathic medicine to half dose.

  13. Divyasree

    Wonderful medicine for controlling diabetes. It works very well. I have recommended it to my family and friends. It takes time since it is Ayurvedic but gives you the best results. Before using Sukero, sugar levels were around 280mgdl, after 3-4 months of usage currently sugar levels are 90 to 120mgdl. Altogether it is helping in maintaining optimal sugar levels… Along with proper diet and physical activities Sukero works very well, I strongly recommend giving a try at least for 3-6 months. Thanks to Sukero, for helping 100s of diabetics everyday!

  14. Tanuja

    My husband is type 2 diabetic and this works like magic for him, it keeps his blood sugar regulated. He has tried a lot things like karela jamun juice and countless other packaged remedies but this by far is the best

  15. Manisha

    This product has had a positive impact on my mother sugar readings. The numbers are coming down! No doubt a cost-effective solution for sugar control which I will definitely recommend .

  16. Arun

    Within 23 days of taking this product My Father felt better and his blood sugars were better within 2 weeks. Also he no longer crave sweets as he did before taking this supplement.

  17. Priyanka

    My father in law is using this medicine since almost 2 years now (long before it was available online). He was detected with borderline diabetes and was advised this medicine by a family friend. Within 7-10 days after starting this medicine, he started to notice the obvious change in his routine activity level like felt more energetic, appetite improved and was able to work better throughout the day. Besides this from that day forward he has not worried about his blood sugar levels. He regularly gets his Hba1c levels checked every 2-3 months. Along with this he has also started regular brisk walking and healthy diet habits which he doesn’t stick to much. I would definitely recommend this ayurvedic medicine for diabetes patients as it is natural and free from side effects of Allopathic medicines

  18. Rahul

    My doctor had told me to take a ayurveda supplement. I showed him this and he spoke to their representative also. Been having this alongside insulin. Keeping things in check and also improving my energy levels and urine urge.

  19. Monica

    My fathers been taking this supplement along with his diabetes medicines for a month now. Hes seeing very good results with his energy level so will continue for another 2-3 months. Spoke to a doctor at the company and got free consultation. Try it.

  20. Manju

    Best herbal supplement for diabetes.

  21. Naveen

    Very effective product it helps me to reduce my sugar level brilliant without any side effects it helps me in maitaing the sugar level .regime completely natural. Money worth for this product. Highly recommended.

  22. Nara

    Great herbal product for Diabetics to reduce the sugar count in the blood.
    It takes a week to the medicine to start work adjustment in your body .
    If you follow normal healthy pattern and exercise , surely your sugar count in the blood will be reduced to normal.

  23. Suman

    I wondered a bit, but Sukero is Fantastic!! I purchased the product for my Dad and In-laws who are acute diabetics. Right away they confirmed that the product is actually tasteless and odourless… Within a couple of days they were able to feel a reduction in the intensity of their hunger cycles, which automatically meant that they could regulate their diets much better than ever before!! Such a world class product at such affordable prices! Looking forward to introduce all the other diabetics i know to this wonderful food tool!!

  24. Jitendra

    Extremely meaningful product. For all the people who have seen their loved ones and friends suffering from Diabetes and it’s never go away medicines, it is a great preventive suppliment. If we have an irregular lifestyle, or have Diabetes as part of the family then having Sukero once or twice a day will be extremely meaningful to keep us safe. My wife is using it and she is able to see the benifits. I totally recommend the product for a healthy living.

  25. Karan

    I think it helps in keeping blood sugar levels in check. It won’t do it immediately like allopathic drugs but will show results after a few weeks of continuous use.

  26. Dilip

    Sukero works well for me. As soon as I was diagnosed with diabetes I opted for Sukero .
    My postprandial level is around 120 to 160. Sudden spikes to me occur only when I mismanage stress. Sukero also helps me to manage hunger very well.

  27. Deepak

    Excellent product for higher sugar patients.bought this for my father who was suffering from high sugar levels. Within a month sugar is under control.he is more energetic now

  28. Monika

    My fathers been taking this supplement along with his diabetes medicines for a month now. Hes seeing very good results with his energy level so will continue for another 2-3 months. Spoke to a doctor at the company and got free consultation. Try it.

  29. Satish

    I used for sugar control.I take one capsule in the morning at break fast,1 at lunch and 1 at dinner.
    It has helped me in my sugar control.

  30. Sumeet

    Tried this product on a friend’s recommendation.
    I had earlier thought this was meant for only diabetic patients, but that’s not the case. Since I am experimenting with low-sugar diet, I thought of giving this a try & was pleasantly surprised.Have tried this for about 4 days now, definitely feel more active than before.
    Thumbs up to the product!

  31. Amit shaw

    I have been a diabetic for 2 years now. I have tried all the possible methods to get my sugar level back to control. From sugar-free diets to other sugar controlling medicines. I started using this product 6 months ago and I am already happy with where it is leading me to. There is a slight improvement in my blood sugar level, and I am looking forward to continue using this product and continue seeing improvements

  32. Shaurya

    I was diagnosis pre diabetic, recently i started half tablet at night with in one week my sugar level come down normal.

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Each 750mg capsule contains :  
Latin Name Quantity
Eugenia jambolana linn 60mg
Eugenia jambolana linn 40mg
Azadirachta indica 40mg
Ocimum sanctum linn 50mg
Trigonella foenumgraecum linn 60mg
Foeniculum vulgare mill 70mg
Gymnema sylvestre R.Br. 60mg
Swertia chirata 70mg
Pterocarpus marsupium roxb 60mg
Aegle marmelos corr 20mg
Momordica charantia linn 70mg
 Nyctanthes arbortristis 40mg
Withania somnifera 40 mg
Rubia cordifolia 60mg


2 capsules empty stomach in morning and 2 capsules at bedtime with water or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Safe for long term use. Non-Habit forming. Safe for long term use. Non-Habit forming.


Sukero FAQ What are the Side effects of Sukero? When taken with the recommended dosage, Sukero has no known side effects. How to Use Sukero? The dosage for Sukero depends on the severity of your blood sugar level. For those with borderline cases, 2 capsules per day are enough. Those with moderate blood sugar issues should take 2 capsules twice a day (before breakfast and dinner). And those with severe cases should take 2 capsules thrice a day before meals. Is it safe for a patient with other chronic diseases? Talk to your doctor to make sure that Sukero isn’t negatively impacted by any chronic diseases. Is Sukero safe for pregnant ladies? Consult your doctor before taking Sukero in case you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Is it Ayurvedic & natural? Sukero is a natural product made from Ayurvedic herbs to provide improved control over blood sugar. Any special diet while taking the Sukero or which foods help to get faster relief? Controlling the intake of sugar and oily foods can help you better manage your sugar levels. Why is diabex an effective ayurvedic medicine for blood sugar control? Sukero is made from tested and proven ayurvedic herbs like Karela, Methi, Nai, Neem. This unique combination helps to achieve better control of blood sugar levels. How to store Sukero? You should store Sukero in a cool and dry place, away from direct exposure to sunlight. What is the expiry date of Sukero Capsules? Sukero expires 24 months from manufacturing that is printed on the bottle. How long should a person take this medicine to get relief completely? There is no permanent cure. So, you will need to continue with your medication to help manage blood sugar levels. Do I need to consult doctors before taking Sukero? While it may not be required, it is always advisable to talk to a doctor before starting a new herbal medicine. Are there any specific side effects for Senior Citizens? There are no known side effects for senior citizens. Which ayurvedic herbs are added to Sukero? Sukero capsules contain Ayurvedic ingredients include Neem, Tulsi, Gudmar, Kalijiri Ghan, Methi, Karela, Neem, Chiraita Will this medicine be effective for other complications of blood sugar patients? If you are experiencing complications that stem from your fluctuating blood sugar levels, please consult your doctor for the best solution. Does it have any side effects on particular organs? There are no known side effects of taking Sukero.

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