Testimonial @ Mobi-Joint

*”I had fever and then starting facing pain in my lower back and sciatica pain in my right leg. It was even hard for me to walk. I took medicine but the pain did not go away. Then Shobha ji suggested to try Mobi-Joint i feel much much better now. I dont have to waste money on other expensive medicines. “

Testimonial @ Mobi-Joint

Mr Manoj Ji’s wife and sister were suffering from chronic Knee Pain for last 3 years. They had problems sitting down, walking, etc. They tried different medicines but it didnt work. They felt immediate relief but as soon as they left the medicine, the pain came back.

Then Mr Manoj gave them both Matsya-Veda MOBI JOINT for 2 months. Now its been 4-5 months and they do not have the pain. Mr Manoj’s wife is 40 years old and his sister is 60 years old.

Testimonial @ Mobi-Joint

*” My mother had joint pain in her knees. She had tried various other medication but it didn’t help her relieve from the pain. She had trouble walking as well.

On my friends recommendation I gave asked my mother to try MOBI-JOINT for a month and she had been feeling much better. She also able to walk comfortably now. “

Testimonial @ Digestion Pro

Ms Ritu was suffering extreme pain in stomach due to Gas for last 3 years. She was also constipated for 2-3 days at a stretch. She went to many doctors and took pills and injections, but didnt find a long lasting solution. The pain came back next day of the medicine. She also spent thousands of rupees on the same. She thought she had a bigger problem and now needed an operation.

She explains how MatsyaVeda DIGESTION-PRO helped her heal. She does not suffer from Abdominal pain and has no Gas in the stomach. She is now not constipated as well.

Testimonial @ Digestion-Pro ​

Mr Girish Ji is 48 yrs old as of today and had an extreme problem of acidity since he was 10 years old. This issue in his family since his mother and daughter suffer from same disease. His problem of acid reflux was so severe that it used to give him headache which took 3-4 days to ease. He use to take medicine for hyper-acidity and also pain killer for headache along with head massage. He literally has to lie down on bed due to severe headache.

Girish Ji use to take English medicines (Allopathic) but the problem persisted. He also tried Homeopathy treatment, but it only helped until he took the medicines. Once he stopped the homeopathic medicine, his stomach again starting producing excess acidity.

Last year he took herbal medicine DIGESTION PRO for 3-4 weeks. Its been more than 1 year now and his acidity problem has been healed. Since then he has not taken any Allopathic or Homeopathic medicine neither he has taken any medicine for headache.

Its remarkable that Mr Girish’s 35 year old disease has been healed now with MatsyaVeda herbal medicine. Similarly Digestion Pro has helped his mother (94 yrs) with chronic Acidity and headache problem. Thus now Mr Girish’s Daughter is also taking the same medicine.

Testimonial @ DB-Care

*”Mr Ajay had diabetes ranging in 300-350. He was taking GM-2 tablet, which brought his sugar down to 170-200, but it was not coming to normal. Also his mouth use to get very dry.

Now on doctor’s recommendation he tried DB-CARE and his sugar is normal. Also his mouth is not very dry as before. Earlier Mr Ajay was taking 2 capsules in morning and 2 in evening, but now he is just maintaining his sugar at normal level with 1 capsule a day. Plan to continue MatsyaVeda DB-CARE .”

Testimonial @ Digestion-Pro ​

*”I had been suffering from Indigestion due to frequent meals outside and occasional drinking. I had been working in US and thus didnt have access to home cooked food.

Finally I took Digestion Pro for 3 weeks and now I feel much better. I dont feel bloated always and have a healthy digestion. “

Testimonial @ Infanto-Care

*”We had a new born baby. The baby used to cry a lot because he was suffering from Colic and digestion problems. Whenever he consumed milk, he was very un-easy and did not sleep well. We went to a child specialist who prescribed him digestive enzymes, but we were not comfortable giving allopathic medicines to a new born baby because it hampers the baby’s immunity.

On our friend’s suggestion we tried Infanto-care, which is 100% herbal tonic for babies. Slowly the baby became less cranky and his colic / digestion problems healed. Also baby slept well”

Testimonial @ DB-Care

*  “I had diabetes ranging from 340-360 and had been taking anti-diabetic medicine for past 4 years. My sugar levels did not come down and at the same time medicines had started showing side effects.

But when I tried DB-Care for 1 month and the sugar levels dropped down to 250-260. Thus i plan to continue MatsyaVeda DB-Care for coming months to watch the results”

Testimonial @ Mobi Joint

Sharmila Devi’s mother had knee pain for last 2-3 years. She had tried numerous medicines but didnt find any relief. But after taking MatsyaVeda MOBI JOINT, she got relief and came back for the 2nd bottle.